What do you actually read?
Can you suggest us to read it?
What is it about?
Give us just a small hint!
Do you love to read?
Do you own more books than place at the bookshelfs?
Just make this thread to an increadable readable one that probably distracts us from the topic ... the reading of a book! I am curious!

Besides that I actually read Vladimir Nabokov "Pnin" ... pretty amazing great classical literature.

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How do you know that Devi? Have you been peeping into my house? More books than shelf-space... hmmm, well, maybe just a few!

I've just started reading "The Cellist of Sarajevo" so I can't tell you all about it - and in any case I wouldn't want to give it away in case others might read it. It's set during the siege of Sarajevo, as you might guess and is interestingly and powerfully written.
Isn't it hard to part with books! We just had a fairly ruthless turn-out of those we will NEVER read again - ever, but even then it's not easy to let them go. I wonder why that should be, they're only 'things' afer all.

The Cellist of Sarajevo was written by Steven Galloway in 2008.
One book I'm still reading (i have about four books next to my bed, all half-read) is: XQ solution by David Pinto. I ordered it from him throught iPeace. on the back: The central postulate for XQ is that there is another side to maths, a side that is not concerned with modelling things.

The processes of counting, arithmetic, algebra, calculus, recursion have correlates in the concurrent processes of consciousness.

The purpose of exploring XQ is not simply an intellectual endeavour however interesting it might be, but the intention is to offer a means of bridging west and east through the medium of mathematics, the two great traditions if western science and eastern meditation.

Sounds interesting?


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