We are a crowd of people that usually needs a lot of love and interest. Sometimes we are not feeling accepted or supported. Sometimes misunderstood and we want some little piece (an Eye piece I think) of spotlight. Therefore in a mad moment of temporarly synapsis palsy I declared yesterday night today as a special day.

Each day ... will get ANY member of the group some special spotlight. Ask a person what you would love to know from him/her. Tell her/him something specially cute. Just give him/her the love she/he deserves.

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Am with you on the school a hard knocks sista joni, don't understand why? but do believe all happens for a reason,even if we don't understand the Why's..this is Very Very Very hard to maintain as belief sumtimes..and YES we iz beautiful..:-)) luvs yooo sista' huge..xxx
I couldn't agree more Devi dear:-) is much how I see our life journey here on Planet Earth..you just exolained it a little different than I do. loved it and you dear sister friend,you do totally rock!
Is it PErcy-day today, then?
awww shucks *blush* ...thx sista a da soul..luvs you :-))
"Thank you Erika, wherever you are right now. Didn't realise it was your idea for my 'Day' yesterday.

You're Lovely.xxxxxxx.

As for you, Joni ! WELL !!!! Have you no shame ? Hussy !

here i am....ta da..
Devi dear Thank you very much, yup i do need it,cuz my smiles gone..but I found again when I came here :-))
nope, no smiles anymore got stolen again :( so i deleted my pic a me smilin' cuz is all gone....
thx anyway joni..hope u feel better soon n no sick any more...have a nice sunday n get lotsa' rest..
jONI Day today!
Get well get well get well...

Hi Erica! i missed you yesterday...sorry i missed urs n devi and prcy day..i was not here and didn't know about all this 'till yesterday.:(.....
Well my wee Louie baby is all packed..(is actually pic of him in Daddy Des's case when he was here)
and so is Cu Punkins

and sweet Sydney

but Jacob aka boozy bear not packed yet...

we don know where we going yet? but never go anywhere without my furry children...
we wanna go here..so we can b with my hubby to be and kitteh daddy Des..we miss him n are sad:(


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