Ok, so the world doesn't really have a Spiderman to come to the rescue and save us,lol
But Do You have a Hero? If so, who is it?
Do You think the World needs A hero?
If so who do you think Your hero or Our Hero should be?
Our Hero or your 's could be a real person ,or one that is "make believe"- create your own hero...
Could be fun and interesting..?

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Me tooo twin soul sista ! is EXACTLY what I was thinking !
My answers identical

'cept Landon.. in place of Caleb..
and My Jacob aka Boozy Bear

He is always by my side..or on my chest fer snuggles & has saved my life in so many ways :-)

our heroes should be the ones who stand by us and catch us when we fall.
Yes, yes n yes joni !! absofreakinlutely..!
yup..I agree..gotta be..is way to coincidental that we iz soooo alike!! but i don't believe in coincidences anyway.
I do believe that in every lifetime we connect,re connect with our spiritual "family" ...hmm wonder how many go rounds we have spent together? and how related...wud be interestin to find out, but I like a bit o mystery too..:-))
He's my Hero too :-)
My devoted Des..Scottish hunkyhubbyhero...comin' ta save me from the evil mean banks and fucked up social services, health care system n politics of America! Someday....he be comin to rescue his damsel in distress..

he is nice , Des.
*smiles* yup he is, a sweettie..I hope you count him in the "men u do like" category..:-))))
good to see u erica, was lookin for u today..hugs xx
Percy, thank u so for these your kind and thoughtful words, gave me smiles..:-)) I truly hope u don't mind me placing them here,so i can reply to u ..

Leah, nice to see this chap that's won your Heart. He looks a decent and fine man. He also appears quite a nice guy in the couple of posts of his. Lucky girl. I hope your dream of Scotland comes to fruition soon, eh ? My regards to him when you next are in contact. Oh, and tell him to 'pull his socks up', 'cos you want to be together NOW ! (haha).

Lol, well Des know's percy,he wants me be in Scotland,now,now now as much if not more than I do..yup I am truly a lucky girl, 'tiss true.:-)) .he is quite the kind and loving man..and I did send him your kind regards to him percy,
He won my heart last Jan. right here on ipeace..met on the group chat New Years Eve..erica was there too,on the chat where we became good friends and she saw me & Des's friendship grow to deepest love for each other..I miss the chat here,so many close friendships were created there..when I first went on it in Dec/Jan is was a busy busy place..I celebrated New Years eve & my birthday on the ipeace chat with ppl. all over the world,it was amazing & addictive too,lol..shame that ended.
but 'till then..me n my twin soal sista joni got each other's backs..;)

I don't believe in hero worship. Though if I had to pick a 'hero' well Azarax is the closet thing to one that I know of.

I was brought up to respect everybody, until they prove to be undeserving of respect that is. I certainly believe some beings don't deserve our slightest respect, let alone our adoration.

Obama, in my humble opinion, is one of those beings.

He was the recipient of the 'Nobel Peace Prize', snatching it from the hands of many competitors far worthier, and man who truly deserved to win (Denis Mukwege). What single act of peace has Obama ever committed?

As far as I can tell his only selling point prior to election was his promise of removing the troops from Iraq... yet low and behold he subsequently decided to send them to Afghanistan instead.

There is many more things I could say about Obama but for fear of being branded a "racist" (the new fear word to shut people up, the new "heretic") I shall hold my tongue

All I will say is he is a liar, a fraud and a war monger.
I would never want to take anyone's hope away but I do believe in unmasking illusion.

Considering Obama's quite candid desire for a "New World Order" I don't think not being a "citizen" bars me from having an opinion. Not that anybody is going to be allowed an opinion in their planned fascist state.

My opinions aren't based on any singular article I have been reading and seeing the truth of Obama before he was even elected. I'm under no delusions, he is no worse than any of the puppets that could have made it into government, but his cabinet openly displays who pulls his strings.
I agree completely joni, well put ,,,
I do respect your brutality.
/bow to the ground)
ok, so I do think this is just a little bit rude..is making assumptions about her. As she was doing about you
assumptions never lead in a positive direction..


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