Ok, so the world doesn't really have a Spiderman to come to the rescue and save us,lol
But Do You have a Hero? If so, who is it?
Do You think the World needs A hero?
If so who do you think Your hero or Our Hero should be?
Our Hero or your 's could be a real person ,or one that is "make believe"- create your own hero...
Could be fun and interesting..?

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Just for some clarification here if anyone gives a crap by now...
my comment about being a bit rude was in fact directed to both erica and joni,who btw are both dear friends of mine,i call em as i see em,regardless of my affections.since I started the discussion I felt it my obligation to do so. erca's reply was directed to joni, joni replied thinking it was directed towards freak face and replied accordingly. I understood this..but I don't think anyone understood what I meant ..chaos ensued from there..i don't think freak face or any third party bothered to see.read or understand any comment I made about this being rude,nor comments placed in other places asking all to be respectful & peaceful in their disagreements with each other.
I guess all read into what they wanted to see,rather than read all clearly and completely with an unbiased opinion.
My comments,imo were and are fair,truthful,honest and with an unbiased caring tone. At least that was my intent. Obviously I failed miserably. That others took offense by my comments causes me a great deal of sadness & is just a shame all that occurred soon after..those who should know me better than that. I would never nor have I ever intentionally caused another to be hurt or upset by my words. Any time anyone has miss understood I have done,written all I possibly could to clarify any unintended offenses. Had I been asked or talked to me by Freak Face or another that felt offended or hurt by any comment I made here,I would have been terribly saddened & clarified any miss understandings and apalagised profusely..sadly I was not given that chance to do so..much negativity has ensued since. This is just to wrong for words. So, I say one LAST time....What offended you and why? By me,as I am not speaking for anyone else,just myself. Since I have no other way to ask you both (2) I ask here,honestly and peacefully..I really do not know?
I will not ask again. So if you have anything to say,please do so..to Me. Preferably not on group wall posts,discussions or plastered across others personal pages.
I am reaching out my hand & heart in hopes of peaceful dialog. Please take it...
eh...sorry...i just have to stop there.

I actually did mean "freak face"...i thought she brought in some fresh air-

but she was being Brutal!
oh, ok erica..argh! so much confusion here is makling my brain hurt,not to mention all followed after these comments,I was just trying to clarify mine and misunderstandings that followed ,so thanks erica for clarifying yours..
There really is no need to be so personal about my image or my name, it is very below the belt and though I could I will not resort to that tactic, ever. I wish to keep my anonymity for personal reasons, I have never posted a image of myself online, I am a very private person.

I don't believe in loving yourself, I have experienced people who love themselves and they tend to have no room to love any one else.
i luv everyone who gives me the opportunity....if you dont know that u do not know me.
and until u do luv yourself...you are uncapable of loving anyone else in the true form of the word...do you know what the meanings of the different kinds of love are.

This is also very true joni...imo. we have to love ourselves before can truly love others.. as well as acceptance.
but freakface, don't you think it might be a little offensive with the extreme privacy?
I acn understand you, but if I didn't know I wouldn't know where to look...UC ?

....who are you talking to now, Joni, is it to me?
I do not think NOT being a citizen of US means anyone should not be paying attention nor able to have an opinion..I too make my decisions based on facts, many places of information..and as a 20yr activist
I do know how to get actual true facts..
I am under no "illusion" and given the choices we had would you have preferred we have Mclaim /Palin in office? that is a scary thought!! imo..
You of course are entitled to you opinions, though I do disagree..with them..
i do not argue either, nor do I want to..
Peace & Love x

beautifully put...joni
Ok, so my fun little discussion here has gone waaaaay off topic,which yes many threads in discussion often do..
Freak Face, I did not in any way say anything about "hero worship"...nor is this a topic of politics. It was intended as some friendly fun ( I had hoped ,anyway) discussion. Also, another way to get to know each other better too.
Which the idea came to me as I was listening to one of my fav bands & tunes today,I thought about the lyrics from the official music vid. I was bored and then was inspired by it,so I thought hmmm, this could be an intersting discussion..?

I will never get drawn into any type of negativity, or taking sides- especially amongst my friends,in discussions.
Though I disagree with nearly everything you said Freak Face,you are of course entitled to your opinions,as we all are.
Eveyrone, Please keep your comments civil and peaceful..even in disagreements.
I was and am terribly disappointed to come here and see so much disdain and debate over Obama & politics and it becoming a disagreement ...that is just sad..and sucked out all the peaceful fun in our discussions started here..
Peace & Love
Like in many lengthy threads,many of my replies here did not go under comments that I replied to..are out of order..I tried to "fix" the placement of them..but wouldn't work..so may not read as was intended..if anyone confused,mis understood any of my replies..please just ask me..I will be happy to clarify.
Peace & love All..
yes,that too :-)


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