Ok, so the world doesn't really have a Spiderman to come to the rescue and save us,lol
But Do You have a Hero? If so, who is it?
Do You think the World needs A hero?
If so who do you think Your hero or Our Hero should be?
Our Hero or your 's could be a real person ,or one that is "make believe"- create your own hero...
Could be fun and interesting..?

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Thank you so much for sharing this Devi,a wonderful story and what a good choice for a hero. Yes, your Grandfather sounds like a true hero..and as joni said lives on in you and in your heart.
He may not have been here physically to see the wall come down, am sure he was there to see it in spirit..
Am not sure if I have a hero? Haven't thought bout it much....maybe Bruce Lee would be close...but wouldn't think of his as a hero because its not something that Bruce would have liked....an inspiration for sure in terms of how one person can achieve pretty much all they set out to do and more..........

Having a hero is fine...each to their own...if it inspires you, if it makes you happy, if it makes ya feel good then power to ya.
hey hunny Des,u see where i put pic of u on 1st pg..u my Scotsman hunkyhubbyhero ..:D
LOVE yooooooo my almost Husband!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..
yup, what joni said!!!! Devi rocks! luv you all ..joni n Devi my awesome sisters and Des my love..you all are the best...erica,percy..luvs u tooo xxx am missing you where ever you are..?

percy i hope all went well yesterday..didn't hear back from you or see you again yesterday,got a wee bit worried..how are you???
im here sista...am here all over chasin u on ipeace so can say bye bye.....where u at..sis i can't find yoooooooo..keep just missin where u at..luv yoooooooooooooooooo i be writin u..pinky swears..xxxxxx
aww where did pic of Pele go? was so cute..did you remove the pic Devi? am so sorry hun you miss him & isn't with you..hope u get to see him soon.
My Hero.... is my grandmother 87 years of age. She is amazing!!!


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