Hello everybodies!

I was thinking about the "loss as a motivator for peace" a lot in comparism to the end of the Cold war.
I grew up in East Germany and I am now citizen of Germany. Anyway, all in all, I am happy that the wall came down. It brought us in the first years of being together with the rest of Westgermany some reall good changings.

But really peaceful? I don't know. Since 2002 German soldiers are allowed to get into war again.
The unemployment is aweful high. The control/observation of people is now by law allowed but it is freedom taking and I got the feeling to live in a police state. So whatever I write here ... the BND will know. And I am sure they know about the donations I do for organisations that are not based in the "free democratic Europe". I think usually twice or three times about the stuff I write.

I am upset about the ignorance about some West German people (I have to call them Westgerman now, cuz those are not my neighbours ... not in my heart) who still ask me whether I come from the ZONE (yeah and you not) ... who really honestly ask me whether we had running water and electricity in the GDR?! ... who know everything in history and about the GDR and East Germany better but NEVER been to the East even not after 20 years the wall is down. I absolutely hate that and those people are building a new wall between the society and these walls are sooo badly to destroy.

After being a child of socialistic propaganda, I had honestly a lot of predjudices but the first thing I tried to do was seeing whether these thoughts and the "knowledge" would fit to the others. So, I began to travel. I realised that moving to people ... talking with them, showing them you are not a silly beast of socialism ... breaks walls and builts understanding.

This is just a small begin for a discussion that can grow, if you want.
I really want to share my experiences from my side and want to know from you ... bout the Cold War and what happened afterwards.

Love Devi

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Dear Devi:

I am please that you recognise the gifts and the losses comming from your supossed "Freedom"
The assimilation of the east to be part of Germany , which it already was, in and of itself is a contrdiction in terms.
The difference in post war West Germany whghere the allies had helped build new infrastucture and re-captured and even advanced West Germany into the modern geopolitical power that it has become created a 40 year barier that the west was supoosedly bring to the east. As you know better then me it definately set up a class system. the fears that Zone as you call it is and was filled with people who don't wnat to be assimilated and groups that represent what West Germany wants to bury from it's history and the poverty that was being inherited created prejudice within the german culture and a divde between it's own peoples.

I'm afraid if tremendous ganes are made they will feel like there comming very slowley to you .. Perhaps your grand children will feel and know the difference. At best the West thinks of the east as a cheap labor pool. and at worst as a blight!



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