I don't really know if I understood correctly the aim of the group.
Actually, I want to tell you a story which is my history, part of my life. I don't know if it fits here.
In entered in the Psycholgy University and was very aware of my interest on this area of study.
it was 1971.
1975 I started to record cds (LPs, remember?) as a conductor and making arrangements.
For the very first time in my life I started to make something called THERAPY (psychotherapy) and ... starded to become nuts.
2 and half years ago, speaking to Ricardo ina Lian Kun center (Lian Gong), we spoke that many people just touch your body and mind in a way that you feel your going to get nuts. Indian people say Kundlini starts to rise and intuition gets tremendously high. It was terrible, terrific, in a country as brazil. Dictatorship and political troubles and a loss in relationship, fist time I was conducting an orchestra. I started to get nuts, really.
It was too much...

Few month later I was taken to a hospital after tryin to attempt suicide with sleeping pills - whic was ridiculous, I felt. I was really non professional on suicidal things. But the fact they gave me an injection in the hospital, and it was a big trouble of infection. I LOST THE MOVEMENTS of my right arm.
The hospital sent me home, no movements. Horrible.
But the very first time after a moth I could give myself a glass of water without external help, I was really gratified.

When I could start again to ride a motorcycle, it was amazing, specially when I could really put the SUZUKI stood up, really. It was better than to conduct an Orchestra.

5 years later I could again play - and record, which I really love. A recording studio is a temple for me.

But my had was a bit unmoveable (is this correct English?) and I said to myself: OK, now I can't play beethoven no more, neither Debussy, nor Villa-Lobos, BUT, I can play TAZA, I can be MYSELF.

Later on I was in Poona, India. later, in Holland and Germany; I started to record my own CDs. I can't play Haydn, but in germany I felt, hearing Haydn for the very first time, that he was a happy person. I could FEEL it. But I said "who cares..." now I love Haydn, and these quartets, and I can't play them but I can be myself.

Please listen to what I do now, with your permission. With my gratitude, down below:

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WOULD YOU BELIEVE that human beings, normal ones, they happen, according to the findings of psychology, to achieve the use of 7% of their cerebral capacity?
Well, it is nearly ashaming, really.
7% , don't we feel ashamed?
meditation can rise this level far higher that that.
It will spoil your inner games and happen to increase your intelligence, make it grow.
Just proves my point, which is a heritage of Osho's point. 143?
I believe you.
We all said in the University that the highest you are in intelligence the more you come close to madness, this society is something to stupid that it is really hard to beleive!
I was recording in 1976 onde day, singing ans a backing vocal man, and I had a feeling that the singer ( a dreadful guy anyway, had a gun in his pocket.
I am much more a parapsychologist, and when you have a lot of intuition you have also tho evolve the means to achiev power in your body enough to understand yourself and be patient.
Society does NOT want intellygent people in the world, not at ALL.
The more stupid, the better.
And why?
The more you are a slve, the better.
Perople giving you orders and orders...

Are you in Koln?
anand TAZA
I miss being in germany, that's what I tried to say.
swami anand taza (s.herrmann lemke)
Thank you for sharing all this with us..


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