Resistance to pain

We have probably lived much of our life resisting what happened
to us in one or several of the following ways:
Denial “Everything is all right, there’s no problem.”
Judgment “This shouldn’t happen.”
Avoidance “What can I do to distract my attention from it?”
Medication “I’ll take a tranquilizer.”
Complaint “Why does this always happen to me?”
Analysis “What does all this mean?”
Pray “Please, my God, help me here!”
Visualization “I imagine that I am feeling good …”
Blame “It’s my fault [or his fault or her fault] …”
Predicting “If this is happening now, that is going to happen then.”

Every human being is designed to instinctively avoid pain. To keep
away from painful situations is instinctive wisdom. To avoid situations
in which we could be hurt is to make use of the natural abilities we
have by the mere fact of having been born. You wouldn’t put your
hand on the burner if you knew it was too hot and could harm you!
Nevertheless, when pain is already manifested, it’s too late to avoid it.
We must go out to meet it and, as Rumi says, tell it to come in. This
is the key to transforming pain, to healing quickly, and to living a life
free of suffering.

excerpt from Memory in the Cells by Luis Diaz (book will be released soon)

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This is saying to me, if we haven't avoided the pain and it is here,
then be company with what is there for you and you will heal more
quickly. Otherwise, if we resist the pain that is already there, then we
attract more of what we are actually resisting against.

The resisting of the pain can be tricky. We may think we are
not resisting, but inside we are saying all this inner talk to try to make
sense of it or make us feel better. Is that really not resisting or just another
bandaid to hide from the pain that is there? Are we really shining the light
of consciousness on it.

I'm slowly becoming more and more aware of this inner talk. At first,
I didn't even hear it. Now I hear it more and more. I am becoming the
observer of my own inner talk which is shining the light on it.

RJK, your poem is beautiful. Did you write it?

Yes, I do lots of expressing too on
a similar journey. Thanks for sharing!

Love, light and lightness to you,


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