My name is Raneen, am a Palestinian women, lives in Haifa and work at Zochrot organization as a coordinator of the oral history project in which I collect testimonies from Nakba survivors.
I was supposed to be at this forum from the beginning but I went to Madrid for a Palestinian youth network conference and came few days ago.

The aim of this network is to meet yearly between 100-150 Palestinians youth all over the word (camps. Arab world, Europe and other places) in order to connect between us, to exchange experiences and thoughts and to experience a common dream in being together.

I think that this discussion about the Nakba and the refugees is very important to both side Jewish and Palestinians, and if we continue to close our eyes and avoid this topic as what the police makers is doing now, it will never be peace in the middle east and people from both side will continue to be killed.

I think, To talk deeply about this issues we need more information about the Nakba, specially for the Israelis who never learn about it at their schools.
if we go deeply on this we can understand what is happening today, 60 year after, in Aka (Acr), Jaffa, al-Lyd, what happened in the first and the second Intifada, and why 13 Arab Israeli citizens have been killed during the demonstrations. Why Israel still occupied the west bank and Gaza, why there is so may discrimination laws in this State and why some Knesset members still taking about transferring the Palestinians in Israel to Jordan. Why Palestinians bomb themselves in Israeli buses and send rockets to the South…. Why… why… why…..

Its easy to fined through internet an information about the Nakba, for instance: Badil center: and also I insert one film about women stories of the Nakba.

Additionally, nowadays, many people are thinking about 1 state resolution rather than 2 state resolution, lets try to discuses these 2 resolution and go deeply on the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


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Thank you so much, Raneen! I hope to learn more from you about the history of Nakba.
My husband is from Bethlehem. I was in Palestine last summer for my wedding and fell in love with the people of Palestine. I saw how the Palestinian people are suffering so much and yet they are still holding their heads up in happiness and joy.
God bless Palestine.
Take care!
Hi Roro thank's for your comment,

I think that walls were not build as a result of suicide bomber, maybe it's one of those reasons.. But I think its part of the Nakbah affect; we still see each other as main Enemy.
And I truly agree with you about the injustices of the walls.. Mostly because it separated people and land, the UN made a decision to remove those walls but yet it's still on establishments.

To find peace we need to lose this separation methods, frankly let's say that most of us (I will not say All) have this secret hidden feelings that if I met any person and introduced him/her self as Israeli, I'll be uncomfortable till his/her intentions were shown and vise versa. We need to ask for the reason why we still after all this years have these fears. It's simply because we are applying the separation methods.

For my side I'm against the suicide bombing that targets civilians... No point for it and will not affect the facts; on the contrary it will back fire to the Palesintains stability. But I don't think that walls will block such attacks maybe delay it but not blocking. So what do you think is the salutation??
It seems that Israeli officials REALLY believe that the Barrier (wall/fence depending where) has stopped infiltration.
This is happy news and sad news. There are many areas where the barrier is not complete...and it was thought that suicide bombers would merely navigate themselves to these areas. But, apparently it ins't that easy.

So, I am HAPPY that there is less chance of suicide bombers (terrorists) crossing into Israel.

I am SAD because the wall is such a "concrete" way of dividing, locking in and locking out of people..Totally disrupting connections between communities and between people and their land.

In the area south of Bethlehem both Palestinian AND settler groups of the Etzion region demonstrated (usually separately:-) AGAINST the barrier..claiming that other methods of surveillance could be used that would avoid rape of the land and unfair hindrance to Palestinians.
Good day Myron and thanks for your opinion :)

We could find better salutations than putting Barriers around for protection, and I really don't believe by completing the Barriers will solve the problem, maybe achieved peace for one part but injustice to another part.. so when do you think your peace will last?

You know I really felt sorry for the idea of separately demonstrations for the same Cause, why do you think was the reason ? is it safe precisions ? Maybe as elder you'll understand that this is typical protocols but what about the younger ones.. They will have the idea that there is something not safe to Mix with the Palestinian.. so the new Generation will still have the separate methods.

I'm just wondering.. if we targeting to live togather why not changing all protocols that force us to live separately?
Motasem, Oh, i agree with your dreams...and am thankful that on the human level i can try to fulfill the dream of togetherness.

There was a demonstration being held against the barrier near the settlement town of Efrat. I contacted the Palestinian organizers...They had a problem doing something with settlers I was not surprised..

A settler field school helped organize a joint Israeli/Palestinian demonstration against the barrier..but they had to hide behind an Israeli Nature organization..Again, Palestinian organizations (perhaps understandably) do not want to (openly) cooperate with any settler organizations.
If you could provide a link to the story about the Israeli Nature organization that would be very interesting to me. The idea that a settler field school and Palestinians would cooperate on protesting the barriers seems to me (sitting in the USA) like a miracle. The fact that it was under the banner of a Nature organization only makes the story more interesting.

Perhaps fighting against the common enemy of a Nature being destroyed can help Isrealis and Palestinians overcome some of their differences to work together.
Good Day All,

Trust your enjoying a happy weekend :)

Dear Myron.. How are you?

I can understand why Palestinian Org. refuses to cooperate with any settler org. they fear to be threat by others groups that wont see their true intentions. I believe settlers also will suffer with the same opposition. Sometimes ideas that runs against society concepts will face such resistance, it also will be counted as a felony.

Dear Michael.. it's not about nature as much it's about humanity we need to understand both needs with respect of each other believes and demands.

Some points to consider ...

"They hit first..."
is the kind of justification for "violence in response" that might be expected from children who have not yet learnt how to behave in a civilised manner.

Hamas rockets and grenades are weapons of mass destruction just like Israeli bombs and missiles. Israel, like Iraq in the time of Saddam Hussein, is a member state of the United Nations. It is under the same obligations to act in accordance with international law. So, just like the fears of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction lead to a thorough investigation, monitoring, verification, inspection and decommissioning operation by the UN through UNMOVIC, so Israel's fears of weapons of mass destruction in Gaza threatening Israeli civilians should be dealt with in a similar manner through the UN.

Furthermore, Israel's proven willingness to use its weapons of mass destruction time and time again against civilian areas should no longer be tolerated. It is high time that Israel was also stripped of its weapons of mass destruction so that it can no longer jeapordise the lives of civilians. The only way for Israel to deal with terrorists is through the International Criminal Court or the system of Special Tribunals, as happened in Yugoslavia. A civilised nation state member of the UN must only use the might of law. A terrorist organisation uses the law of might. Israel cannot be both!

Each Israeli weapon of mass destruction used against Gaza will only cause more Palestinians to lose hope for a just reolution, leaving them with no perceived option remaining but to join Hamas fighters. The only way for Israel to defeat Hamas is to fully embrace its obligations in accordance with international law and use the UN system to defend its legitimate interests to protect its civilian population. Then Hamas will have to become a true partner for peace, otherwise, they will depart from power just the same way as they arrived - through an election, as they will be seen by the Palestinian voters as not being the best option for a just peace.

The resolution of the Israeli Palestinian conflict is extremely simple, especially concerning Gaza. What is the world waiting for?

I mourn the loss of all human life through the incompetence of political leaders. What a disgusting and tragic waste!!!
Shame and disdain on Israel for killing 800+ civilians (to date) under the guise of protecting its homeland. The 80-1 death ratio (Palestinians vs Israelis) is inhumane. It is time for the people of the world to demand that their governments condemn Israel along with Hamas, not just blame Hamas alone. In Canada, our government blames Hamas and ignores genocide by the Israelis, calling it justifiable. What are our governments afraid of? It is time for Israel to be charged as war criminals.
In response to Mark Kolb's reply of 11th January, I must ask if it would have been more "humane" or fair if the number of dead and injured on both sides were the same. I would suggest that it would`not. Surely all deaths and injuries in this conflict are tragic and disgusting when the entire conflict is totally unnecessary if only international law were imposed on both sides. Just one case of death or injury is one too many regardless of whether the victim is Israeli or Palestinian.
I am part of Bridges For Peace and went to a dinner awhile ago where they had different people from each region at a camp to discuss their views. It was very moving.


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