We would like to kickoff another activity related to the issue of refugees and right of return.
Since we have on the forum and on this group Israelis and Palestinians, we though of starting to build relations between Palestinians that their families lived before, in villages that do not exist any more within the boarder of 1948, and Israelis who live now in this place or near by.
Once we started making such connections and mapping the villages and people, then we can think together what do we do with it, and there are several ideas, but I think it is better to be left open for everyone to express their view.
We would like to hear people view about this activity and let's decide together how to progress.

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Expectations on Israeli side> to form as much as possible civil society front which commit to work making co-existence and welcoming Palestinian refugee possible. To do that, a coalition with a significant statement on this topic should be created. Beside multi-lingual petition.

On Palestinian side > to accept Israeli society as a partner for common future.


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