Hi all ..

We can all agree that we have all been through different challenges in life - whether domestic violence - illness, mentally or physically. 

Can you see your diamond light within .. and if you can, what became the catalyst for you to recognise this inside you.



The rock

washed down the river

tossed scraped evaporated

birds find landing in the movement


swept by fierce entanglement

caught by locked in nooks crannies

it changes elements to flee fire

soaks water for replenished improvement


seasons unpleasant toss and roll

moss takes up home a new growth

pending stability seeks the green of earth

wedging a well worn fixed energy


rain hail shine gives it extra tints

a blanket devours it's hidden shine

it sways with new circumstance

desert cleansing dries green to wither


no rhyme in this rock

blind journeys keep it moving

stripe streams give it new life

crumbling shape shifting strife


weather of strife leaves

gentle water dreams

calmness shatters wastage

a past gravitation drops needs


moss a non needed past toss

dissolving far gone reasons

pulsations anew take up new life

new dawns awakened new seasons


rhymes arrive show well worn gravity

soothe this rock on wave

crackings chipped in past falls

shed a past tense slave


journey to the core

takes the highs and falls

eventually showing inside

the glisten of an awe


a rock will come and go

reach for known insight

kicked tainted broken down

just to find it's ...

diamond light

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