Bajaur Agency, tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border has remained the center of war on terrorism for the last eight years. More than 4000 people have been killed. Half of the town has been bulldozed. My home has also been destroyed. Now I want to work for restoration of peace, but I do not know how to start work. I shall be needing your guidance as the lives of at 10 million people are in danger. The US drones have also been carrying out the attacks. The terrorists have also been killing the innocent people mostly women and children. The security forces deployed by the government of Pakistan have also targetting the civilians. Actually nowadays my mind is not working, but I am feeling that the lives of thousands of people are in danger. My life is in danger. The lives of my wife and my children are in danger as we have been receiving the threats. Where should I go?
There will no denying the fact that peace is the need of all creatures in this world whether they are human beings or animals. I want to bring in your kind notice animals have also been killed in the fighting. I just need your guidance and cooperation in my struggle for peace as at the moment we are needing the peace. Please guide me.

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Beloved Brother~
I do not only understand your situation, but feel your and your whole family pain in my own temple (Body).

I know to give advices in such situations is not an easy task, but I will offer you that - what I would do if I were on your place NOW.

Stop looking outside of your own and start to build the peace you want within yourself and your little family first.

Build right there where you ar now an ISLAND of LOVE and LIGHT and keep all your love ones close to you.

Satay as much you can away from any ACTION and concentrate you to hold GOD WITHIN you and let HIM guide you for all the future steps you may take.

It does not matter of what religious SYSTEM we are we were born in an live. God does NOT KNOW religion, God knows only LOVE~


If you need to find peace, I am willing to support as much I can, but maybe in an other way as you ever expect.

la mor eckta ma laya ya


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Dear SiNeh "Sea Nay"
A lot of thanks for your comment. Your comment has really given the happiness and relaxation. Yes, you are right Love is one of the names of God the Great. I am really grateful to you. At the moment I am needing peace, therefore, I shall accept whatever the help you can provide to me. Presently I am in great distress. My beautiful wife is in great distress. The scenes of death and destruction have been affecting both of us bodily and mentally. I have four children, but they are also in stress as my home has been destroyed during the fighting. At the moment I am struggling for survival. I have one daughter and three sons, but at the moment they cannot go to the schools. By profession I am journalist, but at the moment I am jobless. I do not know what is happening with me, but I am in great trouble. But still I have the faith that God the Great will help me in this hour of trial. This is my belief that Love is another name of God the Great.
Thank you very much for offering me the help. At the moment I am accepting the help from anyone as I am in dire need of help. Again thank you very much for your comment. May God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafer if there is any.
A lot of thanks


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