For me Peace comes from my soul, from inside of me; I'm a peaceful and pacifist person with a big dream, a lot of utopias and I want to keep them always, they need me to live and to sing, I have to look for inside of these hopes to sing when I'm down. It's also an ethic of life, based on the buddhism: COMPASSION about every people anywhere who suffer for war, hunger (unbelievable in 2009), injustice, poverty, the people and the women who suffer for the violence, the humiliations.

I try to reduce and to work on my EGO, even it's difficult for a singer, because i need to have confidance in myself, but sometimes I can. I work to LOVE and to UNDERSTAND everybody, when it's impossible, I try to talk if it's important, or I forget.

What means PEACE FOR ME: is to awake in a world where wars, hunger, violences, humiliations, poverty and social and economics differences are effaced for ever. Each person is UNIQUE and A DIAMOND for their parents and for me. Perhaps like a UNIVERSAL THOUGHT WHO CONTAMINATES ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, one day all the governors will realize all these hopes time after time. Dayana.

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That is a very well thought out sentement Dayana.Thanks for Posting Youre Enlightened Wisdom. I know of a book that I think You would find quite interesting. Its called "The Annotated True Buddha Sutra"from Master Sheng-Yen Lu(Living Buddha Lian-Sheng).
Well, since the thread is open, I'm going to leave some small mark, if you'll indulge me. . .
Personally, I think of peace as a concept which includes having disagreements, opinions, and notions, and being able to discuss them without feeling like there's some personal attachment to ideas. If people think differently than I do, I want to know what they think! I want to know if their ideas come from greater knowledge and experience than mine, and I want to know if there is something I am missing. I also want my ideas heard, listened to, and given the respect they deserve, although sometimes that respect is a great deal less than I had originally thought, because there were things I didn't know when I made my opinions.
Peace means no shouting. Peace means lots of listening, but also lots of action. Listening only does so much before the rubber has to meet the road. Peace means that my children won't have to fight others simply because some person in a suit, someone who knows nothing about us or the place where we became the people we are, points and says "go there and fight for me". Peace means a lot less fear when the news comes on. Peace means freedom from fear, but not because I have greater force. Peace means knowing that I can discuss, I can listen, and I can learn as well as teach the people whom I meet.
That, my friends, is what "peace" means to me. Keep doing, keep being, listen, and give thanks for each blessing.

I can't remember the saying verbatim, but there's a thing that says,
"Being at peace does not mean an absence of chaos, turmoil, disagreements,
etc.: It means to be in the midst of those things, and to still have
peace in your mind and in your heart."
To me, that's what peace is.
No matter what is happening in our lives,
no matter how dismal and hopeless things
may look (especially in 2009), if we can be in the midst
of the worst, and still keep our peace in our minds and
hearts, we achieved peace.
I can honestly say, by God's grace, I acheived that place,
and it's my hope and prayer that my fellow iPeace members,
one and all, will also know this peace!
Tim Redfern
Peace: absence of hate, greed, violence,famine.
A quote: "When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power,the World will know Peace."-Jimmi Hendricks
Peace is not the absense of conflict. We Humans will ALWAYS be fighting for something. We must "win". But the way we've always "fought", there are always "losers". But when one "fights" for what is right, in the right way , there are NO LOSERS..
That is peace-- taking each problem by the horns, and dealing with it in a peaceful way- that doesn't mean you don't fight! -it means we fight the negative karma together, opening a future of true peace!
On the Point of Peace......
I never cease to be amazed by the internet and the tremendous opportunities for the human spirit to communicate beyond the limitations of its physical being. As I reflect upon the ways in which my historic human past in my cultural community in this country, communicated with their families, the communities and other places within the nation, I am even more greatful for the free minds and souls of the past , who continuously strove to follow their inner knowing, to build that ever unexplored and never-quite-complete dream or vision. Without them, we would not be here on this amazing site.
100 years ago, I would have been killed without a blink of an eye lid, if I had spoken to someone outside my tribe , without the permission of ' the important ones' I have to admit to a hesitancy as I began to write. Ohhh..those deep cultural memories that shape our Self.
Last week, I was asked to submit a sentence for a profile of myself and I wrote" I believe in peace ' . Within a seond , I had deleted it. It's taken a little time to reflect on my life to be able to understand what I had meant by that statement. As I reflected upon my life and what I had done, I began to understand myself a bit more. As I am at a point in my life where reflection and legacy thoughts begin to shape my actions, I find I am even more watchful over what I write. Whether we like it or not, we are born into families and communities that may not be the best and in many cases, can be disastrous.
As I look back, I realise that my view has just been my thought , my experience and my reflection on time, events and happenings that were mine alone. My brother and sister , while experiencing the same ( my assumption) family, community and country, had totally different experiences and memories and thus lead different lives. It was such a revelation to hear the stories. it lead me to thinking about why I did what I did and they did what they did, even though we had the same parents. I began to realise that at some point in our lives, each of us had something inside us that drove us to do what we did. and we are as different as day and night as are the journeys we each took. We all left the land of our birth, encouraged by parents whose goal it was to provide the maximum education they could, for each of us. To do this, we all left home at 12 years. Most did not return.
So what's this got to do with the point of peace?
What I khow about peace is that I grew up with an understanding and knowing that everything was connected and continuous. That if I did not milk the cow , the cow would be unhappy, there would be no milk thus no food for the family or the animals. if I did not get the wood chips for the woodburner, there would be no food cooked, no warmth in the house, and no hot water. If there was no rain for a while, there was no water to drink, no vegetables grew and animals were not happy.
In other words, I was very much part of the equation of peace in the live's of others, as I was in my own peace. I worked out that if I was at peace then others would be. I was not responsible for my brothers or sisters state of peace but I could do things to help them achieve what they needed to do, to find their point of peace. However, in this process I have also learnt that my point of peace may not be the same as my brothers or sisters and that it is important to find and to know your own peace, if that is what you are seeking..
In other words, everything we do is connected to life as we live it and each day that we live, we have life. If peace is what you seek in life then you will drive to bring peace as that is what you want. The perception of what that means to each person remains as diverse as I remain uncertain about whether everyone is driven to find peace

It seems I am forever working on the inner become and grow and be...The depth of my understanding is always changing and I am learning continually this thing called Peace. free from exploitation...
Peace means safey and comfort and love
It means power veto in the Security Council must be given on the basis of human population but not on the number of weapons the country possess...this only will ensure safety...


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