For me Peace comes from my soul, from inside of me; I'm a peaceful and pacifist person with a big dream, a lot of utopias and I want to keep them always, they need me to live and to sing, I have to look for inside of these hopes to sing when I'm down. It's also an ethic of life, based on the buddhism: COMPASSION about every people anywhere who suffer for war, hunger (unbelievable in 2009), injustice, poverty, the people and the women who suffer for the violence, the humiliations.

I try to reduce and to work on my EGO, even it's difficult for a singer, because i need to have confidance in myself, but sometimes I can. I work to LOVE and to UNDERSTAND everybody, when it's impossible, I try to talk if it's important, or I forget.

What means PEACE FOR ME: is to awake in a world where wars, hunger, violences, humiliations, poverty and social and economics differences are effaced for ever. Each person is UNIQUE and A DIAMOND for their parents and for me. Perhaps like a UNIVERSAL THOUGHT WHO CONTAMINATES ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, one day all the governors will realize all these hopes time after time. Dayana.

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