The Vase

The vase on my table
Exits within space.
It can stay where it is
From and until infinity.
But it needs a continuous care,
For keeping its beauty.

One day if it is broken,
The vase,
The space will keep its existance,
Like the broken pieces will do.

Our poor eyes though,
Like our other human senses,
Won’t see the vase as a whole any more,
But instead,
They will insist on seeing the smaller pieces.

And each piece obviously
Will still be a part of the vase;
Carrying the same qualities,
But unconsciously.

Unless we bring all the pieces together
Beyond our senses,
We will never see the vase again.
So it is;
Many pieces within space,
Are looking for their place;
To feel the whole
And their home they belong.
Deniz Kite, 6th January 2008, listening to Hotel California

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