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Okay Folks... We had to move again when Ning went through it's big changes & required all groups to start paying. So I moved us all to the Yahoo groups platform it is still free & I have a lot of experience Moderating via Yahoo. So, be sure to check us out there & join in on all of the wonderful news, information & wisdom sharing on NATIVE PEACE!
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Comment by CalicoGypsy on May 27, 2009 at 6:49pm
Comment by Loving TreeOfLife on May 25, 2009 at 9:07pm
Love you, we are ONE.

Comment by Loving TreeOfLife on May 22, 2009 at 11:47pm
Have a peaceful weekend with love all around, dear all friends.

Comment by Loving TreeOfLife on May 6, 2009 at 10:17pm
Comment by Maggie ( Margaret) Motheral on March 20, 2009 at 6:31am
Please help us protect the Earth. Please add your ideas and prayers to thw group Mother Law on iPeace and sign the Environmental Bill of Right at People must know and the Earth needs us.

Peace and prayer

Maggie Motheral
Comment by Helena Sousa on December 19, 2008 at 3:31pm

Comment by Tree Thunderchild on December 1, 2008 at 1:16pm
It is said below, it does not take many words to speak the truth, so I would rather life itself speak for me in these images. The truth of who they know, that I am.

If a man is at one with all life on earth, it is not that strange that life on earth knows this of the man. This one is not flying away from me, but landing next to me (on invitation).

War Horse, protector, does all I can ask, gave his life to serve and protect me.
I did not ask him to, but he asked me to accept him.
I do not know horse other than this one, I also call him my car (but unlike my car, he can go backwards forwards, spin, and walk sideways!).

Comment by Tree Thunderchild on December 1, 2008 at 12:44pm
i, I am relatively new to this site and just found this group.
Windy Weather, I have had PTSD for many years in my past. If others judge you personally for it, the problem is their own making and not yours other than them effecting you with their problem.

I am not very much Native American (1/16th) but it may be that my heart, is 1/16th of the rest of me? :D I know my blood is red!

I was a runaway at 12 yrs old and fled to the wilds. And if PTSD and other things can be said freely here? I'll risk being called crazy for what I am about to say, in part, I'm to old to care anymore if others think that for me speaking truth.

I would not be here, if not for the spirit of the grandfathers of this continent (America) helping me as a runaway child, survive in the wilds.
So I thank your grandfathers spirits, for my life.
They are in the winds in the pines, they are within the sparkling springs, they are within the waves of grasses and the flowers and the eagles and the wolves who roam this earth.
The peoples of this nation, "we the people", had living here with the plants and animals down to an art that was refined many many generations. I have been blessed by the grandfathers sharing this art with me that I may not only survive in wilderness, but know a freedom unlike any other, and a way of life that is of beauty and grace, to be a human being.
I feel that white people (myself being one) are like a new race on this earth, and are as children, and if anything should be learned from them, it is, dont give power tools to children
They (we) are still in the process of growing up. Made many mistakes, caused much pain, but also being white, and knowing my own ancestors through my life force, know they are sorry for what they did, they did not understand, and were raised to believe what they were doing was right, and that, was an insanity to my people. And caused them to do insane things.
This does not make it right. But my ancestors through me, are SO ASHAMED...... having left this world and the things of the mind faded away, they were left facing the truth of what they had done and why.
I seek as a white person, to GROW UP.
To walk a more gentle path on this earth, and combine the wisdom of my ancestors with that of all nations, that I may learn. I do not condemn technology I embrace it, in ways to live better without destroying what is giving us life.
This is a wind and solar powered recycled laptop.
I used wolf as sled dog team for most of my life and I am 50. Spirit has sent me a horse, the last of my team died of old age, and spirit had this horse bowing to my feet minutes after laying my lead wolf to rest under moss and ceder and feathers, and sage, and prayers and tears.
Tears I still shed now simply writing of such a soul of such high honor respect and beauty...
When the horse, tried to give his life to me minutes after laying my beloved to rest, I told him to "go away"..... but, the grandfathers had other plans for me.... and, after life SHOUTS so many times you give in! So he is now my War horse, and called that because he protects me with his life and will attack anything, as he did every human before me, and a grizzly 15 feet from me (which was when I finally broke down and said "lady I'll take your horse).

I am brother to wolf, so, it confused me to have the grand fathers send me a horse?..

I have lived many years in a tipi (again I embrace technology of all nations). And I wish to thank the Native American people as a white person, particularly my ancestors who are sorry, but for myself, I thank the Lakota especially, for your grandfathers spirits who helped me to survive in the wild places, when I could not do so myself.
A man, seeking to live and walk the path of Peace.
It was the grandfathers who told me my name, is Thunderchild.
I dont even know what it means other than feeling like the world is somehow on my shoulders, and that is perhaps to much for just a man.
Peace to all, to what ever level I may offer it as a white man.
And if not accepted or any find offense with this, please forgive my trespass here, I mean no offense to any, but wanted to express what is within me, feeling perhaps some of these words may mean even more to someone reading them, than to me to even say them.

I know from wolf and your ancestors.
I am part of this earth.
I am part of space and time.
I am part of this universe.
I am self aware.
So I am, the universe, aware of its own existence.
I came to this world, because I was asked here.
by the screams of a future generation.
Whos voices were heard.
May I do what I was sent here to do.
As one part, of a giant crew, to bring peace to this earth, before the alternative reaches the point of no return.

To all my relations.
Comment by Dave on November 13, 2008 at 10:15am
Let's howl at the moon tonight in unison.
Comment by Windy Weather on November 1, 2008 at 8:08pm

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