Comment by David Califa on September 13, 2008 said

"We might want to start discussion on a country level here. And find out what we can actually DO in each country to eradicate poverty."

More than a year on, nobody has taken up this suggestion. Yet a collective conversation of vitally important precondition of collective "doing" in due course. And it is conversation that is needed, not a collection of monologues.
Bringing the issue up to date, GOPI KANTA GHOSH said on the wall 26 December 2009:

"We feel proud of those who are rich...we apply technology that creates poverty...this mind set must change...learning what Gandhi said is necessary..."

Sainthood does not imply perfection, and saints can be wrong. Gandhi was wrong on the issue of technology. It is not technology (the tool) that needs to be blamed, but those who misuse it or keep most of the benefits of correct use to themselves.

This is why David's "country level" discussion is relevant. Each government is supposed to act to protect and enhance the welfare of all citizens. This is not happening, even in the rich countries.

We have to look for systemic faults in the way benefits of technology and scientific know how are distributed before we can find effective solutions to poverty. Remember the theme of this group: "Poverty is one of the major obstacles to peace".

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We must think of drafting action plan...
Very good!
Comments, anyone else, please?

We also need a team to to carry out an action plan.
I've been blogging on this issue on Multiply, but, unfortunately, Multiply's server is down at the moment so I can't access my blogs right now. Hopefully I will remember later when they're back up.
Hello Cal-el,

Multyply is back online now. Would you lile to point to some relevant blogs?
GOPI KANTA GHOSH has started a discussion that relates to India (given its Gandhian inspiration) and possibly many other developing countries.

I suggest that different paths are appropriate to developed, fully capitalised countries.

Please contribute views to this vitally important topic.

Action plan is needed, but sound understanding of issues is also required to inform and guide action.


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