At the moment the rulers of the world have been eradicating the poor instead of poverty. They have been spending huge resources in war in which only the poor people are being killed or maimed. If that amount is spent on the eradication of poverty then no one will remain poor in this world. At the moment I have been living in the center of war on terrorism and seeing with my own eyes that the poor people are being killed without any reason. The war on terrorism can only be won if we control poverty. Now the question arises how the poverty can be eradicated. Give education to the poor then there will be no poor.
There will be no denying the fact that the main cause of war is always poverty. Just take the example of Bajaur Agency, tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border. Why the people have been going to the extreme extent? Why a person is blowing himslef to kill other people? I think the main reason for this extreme step is poverty. The people are sick with the present system in the world. Now they want a better change. Now they want to see the world without poverty.

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Hello Khurshid,

Glad to see you here... :)

Well, I agree with you, whenever there is war only the poor people are killed. Why ? because they have no safer place to live, no money to protect themselves, no one to take care of them, no food, no clothing. Huge amount of money is spent in wars, fights and only the poor are being killed. The same amount of money can be spent on the poor and sooner or later there will be no poor in the world.

I think that the government should support poor in order to eradicate poverty. They should provide free education to poor children, provide accommodation and some monthly expense and more importantly work, so that they can work and earn money for themselves and their living.

In this way, we can help the poor people and help them to stand up to a particular level. What do you think ?
My dear friend Sukhpreet Kaur, you are absolutely right that only the poor people have been killed in the war. I totally agree with you that the government should provide education to the poor people free of cost. I think education is the best weapon through which the poverty can be controlled. It is the best weapon against terrorism.
Actually at the moment the world is needing the people like you. A lot of thanks for taking part in the discussion. I hope together we can bring the change, a better change.
Again thank you very much
I agree with you Khurshid and Sukhpreet, education is a key to solve the problem of poverty. Free education for the poor and removing ignorance so the poor can see and take a stand for opportunities to change their lives and situation. Just giving money and donations is good in exteme situations but doesn t solve the problem. Education and providing basic needs so that work can be made and maintained is essential. Now this all connects to enviroment and sustainability. Poor people often come from ethnic minorities that need to be respected and treated with justice. Poor people need to feel proud of their roots and be able to sustain their cultural heritage and enviroment. We have alote of work ahead of us and a better place to spend money than on war, weapons and destructive materialistic values.
Let us begin with the poor, cleaning up the unhealthy enviroments that most poor people live in and giving them an opportunity for a better life. what are we waiting for or afraid of......a happy world?
peace to both of you and thanks for posting this.
This is extremely important. I look at the environmental and climate change movement with alarm when it is claiming that poverty is caused by too many people.

Pseudo scientific calculations claim to know that the earth long term carrying capacity allows, at most, one billion people to exist on earth---five out of six people are a lethal burden to the earth's well being. Even David Attenborough has joined the chorus.
Where will this misconception end? At a new "final solution"? No, poverty is a result of bad, inhuman, ignorant economics. And the environmental issue is the result of the same bad, outdated economic thinking that drives the destructive way we make a living on our planet.
Absolutely right approach


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