You may be surprised to hear this, but the root cause of poverty today is old capitalism. In other words, capitalism as we know it works for only the top economic 10% of the population. The rest are struggling, or have zero net worth.

The majority of the population are spectators in old capitalism, not active participants. They are like fans at a soccer match.

The answer to worldwide poverty is WeMSA Capitalism, a new and improved version that makes everyone a winner. WeMSA Capitalism ensures that everyone has an active stake in capitalism. Each family's wealth grows from generation to generation and forever.

One example: In WeMSA Capitalism everyone owns a part of several profitble businesses that pay regular dividends. That takes care of retirement needs, etc.

You can see more information at

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Here is a website that might interest you

Also this movie in my opinion is worth the watch to.

Before the Venus Project the orientation video should be watched. Without that educational film the Venus Project is just one rich man's futuristic pie-in-the-sky fantasy.
really tell me more?
old capitalism? WeMSA?
I am confused!
No reason to stay confused. It's all based on revealed knowledge, just like Newtonian Physics and the General and Specific Laws of Relativity. Visit . It's all scientific and can be tested and proved by any skeptic.
I looked at this thread because the title included the world "guaranteed" (I was thinking of Guarateed Basic Income for all). Then I red,
a new and improved version that makes everyone a winner. ... everyone has an active stake in capitalism. Each family's wealth grows from generation to generation and forever.
Still good, but why reinvent the wheel, and why think that new capitalism will be brought by a spiritual being? That is our job.

The type of capitalism has been known since the 1930s. It is called Binary Economics. Current capitalism could be transformed into sharing capitalism within a few years. But that 10% minority is resisting it tooth and nail because the 90% of us are being used as domesticated servants to this oligarchy.

Support the efforts to spread ownership of income earning productive assets so that everyone will be a capitalist (deriving a substantial part of income from owning assets).

Mount a class action to expose the moral illegitimacy of powerful interests opposing the arrival of the Possible Good World (PGW). A world, that is, with No war; No poverty; No oppression; No exploitation; No avoidable suffering.
You have made some great points.

The reason that WeMSA capitalism has a spiritual source is because it is a revelation not based on complete knowledge. It is exactly the same as the revelation that led Sir Isaac Newton to Newtonian physics, and Dr. Albert Einstein to the General and Specific Laws of Relativity. For more details, see

The 90% against the 10% is classic confrontation. The 90% will continue to lose because the 10% has the means of communication and power. New capitalism will work for all because there is no confrontation. Even cooperation is not necessary. The top 10% will not be threatened - it will do even better. The 90% will experience financial freedom and wealth as never before.

We invite you to get more information; you'll love it.
Exploitation is the virus...kill it...
Absolutely correct...we must join hand...grass root self sufficiency wilkl help...let us think of that to fight capitalism
Gentlemen: You cannot succeed via confrontation, which generates resistance, even violence. The world is too violent as it is. The lasting solution has to be peceful and take care of all interests. People need to know more about the Teachings of the Guide. Visit
It can be peaceful too but must create strength of many hands


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