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Thanks for your response, Tatiana! Chomsky has been so outstanding in his scholarship and honest in his presentations over the years, I always appreciate his comments.Last week I went to a talk by Norman Finkelstein at the University of British Columbia. Have you heard of him? Both of his parents are holocaust survivors. Like Chomsky (who is a generation older than Finkelstein), he speaks with an unrelenting passion for truth and justice. As a person of Jewish heritage who has been a life-long activist for peace and social justice, I am so grateful for these Jewish voices that speak out against what Finkelstein calls 'deranged' Israeli policies.

Thanks again for your comments!
Kathleen, THANK YOU! I hadn't seen this before . . . I will forward it to many!!
Hello Joanna:
Thanks for sharing this. I have always liked Chomsky's opinions and I haven't heard hims now!. I forwarded it to many people.


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