" We need a moral/political revolution in which the Arab world and the West surround Israel with a nonviolent and enticing vision of the future."Marc Gopin"

What a wise words!Although in my country the majority will think that the word "revolution" is like a poison for the nation,i have present in my mind the symbol of medicine.Only a real huge change could stop the circle of violence ,that lately have take so fast,the dimension of the horrible unstoppable hurricanes!For our israeli society our pacifist thought can sound "violent words",i know...
but i was thinking...this will be at the end like the exact amount of poison, if you want to call it that, becoming just that in medicine, will becoming the violence of the storm who will preside the sunny day of the Peace ...!

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In 1917 Rudolf Steiner said to a french journalist that war is a raising of unwanted forces. As when the physical body reacts with a fewer against unbearable poisining and like when the fire under earth pulsates under the earth surface and becomes a vulcanic outbreak, so does unsound and unmoral use of enery lead to war. Governements and peoples have finally lost their mind under its pressure. These choking and missaimed forces are economical and spiritual forces. Economy is the wholeness of the exhange of goods. Sprirtuality is the culture of the spirit and the soul and one must not use violence on that. The statepower missuses it when it on nationalistic grounds stops the circulation of goods so it becomes unequlity and hatred between nations. On contructed political grounds they missuse their power when they prevent people from expressing their religious feelings, their language and their art. By force developed tradeeconomical laws and suppressed spriritual freedom is the root of wars. It does not lead to anytning good or to developement for the people. The outer war has no justification any more. It is just an expression for that you cannot cope with the inner war. Also in the personal life there is a suppression of economical and spiritual nature. Even in marriage you can experience that. The heeling comes first when inner liberation occurs. On the materilistic plane a liberation has occured but on the level of the soul and spirit it is not following track.

......my not very good translation from swedish...which origianlly was in german...but still
I n Israel most of the people feels that we've gave a lot of opportunities to palestine people to show that we want peace and that we are ready to talk about peace.But the people don't consider that under blockade,no peace spirit can birth.Sometimes i feel that is like a sadist side of Israel has grown up inside of the nation.Hammas may be the side of palestine nation that reject,repulse becoming masochist.So i agree when u talk about suppression ,pressure,and about ". By force developed tradeeconomical laws and suppressed spriritual freedom is the root of wars."
But how to break this circle of wrong links,relationships?
This is for my like an area of hurricanes...The word revolution sound me good.But we cannot make the same mistakes of the past; the mistakes of Che Guevara,like many palestine souls are focusing.This image is part of the hurricane.
My dear friend M.Gopin is dreaming with the "Diplomatic Revolution Time",with diplomacy focus in changing the
surround that frame Israel with Ovama helps.
I feel also we where always three in the room,but i feel we need help.We need something to the balance,a big change.
My friends in Gaza are still there inside,trying to reconstruct their lifes,trying to survives their traumas,
coexisting with their 1500 death memories walking around the streets...and in Tel Aviv city we don't speak about this...
I agree with both of you.I have to say that I do not know much about the war in the Gaza Strip and all that but you are right. We cannot end the outer war if we cannot end the inner war inside us. The message has to be delivered in some way to governments and organizations that have and will have gone to war for any reason. It is not only that they have to break the circle of wrong links and relationships. They have to find a way to do that without creating further hate. If the Israeli people feel that have given the Palestinians many opportunities to create peace, why stop? Just keep finding ways on trying to create peace with the Palestinians whether they see them or not. One way that can possibly work is that one of the sides just stops fighting. I don't want to sound like a be rude person but I heard that in the past this way has actually ended wars. How many fatalities are there now in Gaza?


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