this the question of dear "SAID" !!!
this is my opinion: both of them could be possible! Those who want to live in a country,with different creed accepting each other in peace,can creat a state with mix religion population;like it happend in so many countries!!! A country with "new kind of palestinian" and a "new kind of israelian"living together in PEACE.Those who dont feel like "new kind of palestinian" and those who dont feel like "new kind of "israelian" should make an apropiate country for them!What happend is,that two nation that deserve with all the RIGHT and all the JUSTICE of the world to live their creeds and their costumes,their very very antique traditions and all the things that make each other " UNIQUE NATION", have for the pity of our great or poor humanity ,CONVERGE,OVERLAPE in the SAME single physical point !!!
We all agree here i think,that each single human,each single nation deserves JUSTICE.,SAFETY, PEACE, ...AND BE!!!
I was re-reading Erich FROMM thougts,, it lecture inspired me to think that this may be,may be
...not a question of TO BE OR NOT TO BE....may be a question,a problem of TO HAVE (-the land-)...TO BE
There is a psicologycal concept that is SUBLIMACION or SUBLIMATION that may be is needing here....
I'm thinking... why does't born another GREAT SALOMON!!!,...what THE GREAT WISE GHANDI would have think about this...????

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I am the one who gave you these stars to be such a beautiful thinker its a good idea" but will it work for the two parties.... :)
cause of this time . its a possibility "'' peace
I agree that both can exist, but I also know that when two nations live together, there will ALWAYS be racism, from both sides, history proves that, and that's not what we want. There will always be extremists. If we wanted racism we could just stay in Germany and Poland. I prefare two small, peacefull states than one, bigger, violent and racist (like it is now). I think it'll be better to everyone. Racism is a curse we must get rid of, but unfortunatly, I'm sure it'll exist in a situation of one common state.
Don't understand me wrong; for me, I think it'll be great to live together. But I know the people here and there and it just won't work. Look at the racist people you know; how will they react if we would have been living together? Not nicely.
Hello Noga, other countries do not experience the extreme racism that is common within Israel. I am not so sure that, these days, Germany and Poland are as racist as Israel.

The things you say about Israel are the same things that used to be said about South Africa.

South Africa was described as a racist country when it divided its population in 2. Now it is one country with one population and it is a whole lot less racist than before. Not perfect, but they are working on their problems, rather than building separation walls.
For peace people have to pressure governmemt, and world have to pressure to.
i agree with u Gus,but just one thing,if we use the word PRESSURE, may sound,perhaps,agresive,i don't know...!!and another small thing...we still don't arrived about this israel-palestine question to a possible MERE idea of solution.

Thank you clu
But I think the solution of our conflict is by creating a Country to Palestinian People an by finding a solution to the palestinian refugees

and what about your opinion clu?
I AGREE with u and with Christine Quelch ,TOTALLY !!! i'm afraid that if we don't learn to live together,IF WE DON'T MAKE MORE MIX RELIGEOUS SCHOOL,like the group of ALESSANDRO,are making,for will be in vain make DIVISORY COUNTRY LINES,there will be all the same problems!!!
Let's suppose that we agree respect X-divisory-lines,we will be neiborghs ,and we will have to exchange things in any momment,and if we don't want to know nothing about each other, and feeling completely EXTRANGES between as ,our DIPLOMACY,will failure!!!
Well, that's what is happening in some way!!!It's like wishing more of the same!!!
FEITH is missing in IPEACE-ppl ???
This is also jews ppl land, the GREAT TRADITION say it !!! As the jewish ppl return to the land,was not perhaps in the most aproppiate-diplomatic way!!! There was a special history situation,ok ,but we are in the present...and we have to reguard aboiding not only present conflicts with an easy-quic- solution !!!

Not so long ago, the idea of a binational state was considered anti-Israel and anyone who brought up this subject was considered an enemy of Israel. However, if one were to examine this seriously, one would observe that those who have killed the two-state solution are the illegal settlers in the occupied territories who are encroaching on Palestinian lands and making the two state-solution a non-viable option.

A binational state solution is now being debated in serious academic circles who are not anti-Israel or anti-Semitic. Everything else has failed but this possible solution has never been tried.

A binational state solution would be a step in solving the Palestinian refugee problem and also it could take the form of a sort of confederation of two states Israel and Palestine under an Israeli or Palestinian president serving by rotation every two years or so. both peoples will have equal rights and also the education system would be the same standard for both peoples, catering for their religious differences. Palestinians and Israelis will be educated in the same schools learning the same secular subjects to equip them for the future in their common homeland.This means re-education of both peoples and the abolition of hateful racism in school textbooks directed at both groups.

The future for both peoples would be brighter and even though this is a dream at the moment and will be for many years to come, the time has come for both peoples to channel their energies into educating their respective peoples in this direction which could be for the benefit of both. The nature of the binational state must be secular with total religious freedom and separation of church, mosque and synagogue and state.There are other factors as well that could be advantagious to both peoples but this would take the writing of many books.
HI SHIMON : by the way u r talking it seems that ,that idea is half cooking !!! Can u specificate about wich
"serious academic circles " u r talking about ???


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