We know the differens between israelian and palestinians,may be if we point oir attencion on the things we have in common,we can clear up the landscape...?
So this is my question :what are the small things that israelian and palestinian,may really wish "in common"?WHAT ARE THE COMMON DREAMS THAT PALESTINIAN AND ISRAELIAN MAY HAVE?

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i like that about "agreeing that they may desagree...", thats talk about RESPECT ,i think .
Thanx clu
i think both Palestinian and Israelian need to respect each others and agree to live with others as neighbers like other countries in this world
if they do that i think they will the best peoples in this world>
The common dream here in Mideast is Peace

I agree with out adding my 2cents there both you and clu J if we could maintain this quality of respect not just u2 but both sides on every one that should be the base of a platform . that walks the path with each other that could

be both each others vision. Words has to mean what one saids ...governments look at each other as enemies.

then the innocent pays from both sides does. when peace is just a word not to call really a truce but both side do nothing to make things better while there is a brake. truce stops but don't solve the problem to have a real peace that has no wars...I feel "Mohammed that both sides of the civilian population should have the guts to make peace with out the forms what government don't do.. and what I am saying is that if the both sides can convene doing it might show that people want peace to show there government that there tired of all the political in convenience that there governments has put them through. I think it is the only way to make it work to invite a peace rally in the name for a peace with the civilian population invite from others.

I would do it and pray I would not be killed.
From war they all came running away !
They live in peace here in Sweden ! Worring abut relatives in the home contry.
Peace starts with in.
please, IA, tell us about how is living like that???,how u do that???I never heard that people from Sweden make problems in the world!i feel that people from these point fo the world need to talk a lot about peace, with people like u,from Sweden.May be we can learn something...
I ll trye to write somthing to morrow !
May there is somthing new or maby all is sad all ready !
Im of to work now !
Have a great day !
Thank you clu because you are really intresting in peace
The Australians, a Nation of natives and immigrants, would would whimsically say "SSS with dignity". SSS above stands for shit, shower and shave.

I think that the same applies to all ordinary people who live in the Muddle East.
very sharp!!!;)
hi Ana
thank you again for intresting in Palestinian issue
you are welcome to palestine, and I will do my best to help you and your friends.
I live in Khan yunis City southern Gaza Strip , Khan Yunis Loacte five Km north Rafah and that mean so closer to rafah.
I live near Al-Amal Hotel and you can live there , If you need any help I will help you as I can because I have many friends in all Gaza Strip .
here I will addd some link about My city(Khan yunis) ,( Rafah) .

Your friend Mohammed
When you look human being, you see his hands working, his feet
that walk, his mouth speaks. I do not see his heart, his
brain, his lungs, or his kidneys. They work silently, inward. However,
they are vital organs for life.

The world also has the hands and feet - those who make news and generate
changes. Heart, internal organs, and these are the people who work quietly inside, they
not noticed. Those who make the simple acts of mercy and love
without any awards.

These people provide us all common dreams.
Are you peot??
your words very nice
thank you feby


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