I want practical ways from you that can help to achieve peace between Palestinians and Israelis.
I do not want to limit ourselves to words but want action.
So what can we do for peace between Palestinians and Israelians?
Do you have activities in this area?
Remember : (NO PROPOSALS) ...

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Sad and funny

We can think an action together about the stuff we agree till now,although we have many difference.The diference betwen us SHOULD NO STOP OUR PEACE ACCION,becouse that will always happend !!!
The disscusion should stop in any point and produce an action AND THEN CAN GO ON !!!

that is a major part of our problem - the duality of feelings. sad and funny indeed. if only we - both sides- could be less sentimental and more rational .....
I teach 5 times a year about the conflict in the Netherlands. I try and explain why its the most intractable of conflicts. A few students each year get turned on and go and serve, usually on the WB. Some write theses about the conflict. Some become teachers themselves. Some go to work for NGO's or government to make a difference, and the Dutch govt. does more than most. 1,3% of GNP to foreign aid. I run with former students 3-5 annual simgames on the conflict via Pax Ludens

Its not much, but that's my contribution...and I hate what I see happening in terms of the suffering in Gaza...it is a travesty of justice, absolutely!
What are these two countries fighting about?

Please excuse my ignorance in this matter.

It is embarassing to say the least.
Hi Anna
click here
Hi Mohammed,
On June 21, 2009 a new 'Jerusalem Hug' will happen around the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem; Palestinians and Israeli will holding hands to express their unity and to express their wish for a united Jerusalem as a capital of Israel as well as Palestine. Palestinian and Israeli school kids will fly their kites and Palestinian and Israeli drummers will play together, wiping up the audience and inviting them to dance. Drummers and peacemakers from all over the world will support this peace event, like they did this year and last year.
Are you joining us?
See: www.loversofjerusalem.org
piroska thank you about the link..
Dear Mohammed, are many many years here in Italy we protest, we make demonstrations, we write, we speak, we go with music and Human Right and ONG for Palestinian people and for peace between Israel and Palstinn. We struggle with our Governement today for Palestine man and women immigrated in our land.
I and many persons I know eat Palestinian's couscous, olive oil, dates and use zaatar coming with an ONG: Palestinian must live! We organize in my Italian town many eating and drink to collect money for free Gaza movement.
Some of us go to help for olive and orange harvest controlling sionist attac, other go with fisherman in the sea. Every days we receive notice about Gaza.We created mailing list and blog to have notice. Now we have notice that one young Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni going with fisherman, and them, are taken from the fisherboat and bring in Israel. Andrea Filip of Italian Ambassad is going to speak for this.
Joe Fallisi, an Italian tenor, wrote a letter for his friend Vittorio, to Italian foreign of Gerusalemme and to Italian Consulate of TelAviv ...
Many years of patient, costant work, for give the International Opinion, to having volunteer activist. We have a good Italian woman in the EU Parliament, Morgantini Luisa, she works day and night. Always wuth the conctact of peaceful young Israelian people that, when possible, work with Palestinian young all toghether. Now it's necessary to organize to rebuilt the houses Sionist make down. Necessary money and volunteer and legal roads.
Music, theatre, famous Orchestra Conductor...when possible have Palestinian and Israel young people that work toghether to make music, or film or other, here in Italy. An interesting and very difficult work, but very important, for the young, for the world.
There are the road of politics, the negotiations of the pacemaking (infinitely work, but necessary) , the voluntary road, the road of the simply persons that make them opinion that also Palestine is a nation and need his territory and need the possibility to be recognised as Nation, like Israel. Jerusalem can be the capital for each nation Palestin and Israel and I know 'll be a very important international reunion for this in june 2009 at Jeruslaem.
I think it's very important to try to give a period of common life to some young Palestinian and Israelian people in a neutral territory, before to try to make a work all toghether (I Italy they made a fil) and learn respect ,listen other ideas and chooses, see other life visions, at least to fall fear and frustrations and anger and to say each one the personal pain, the family dead, to cry the injustices, the violences (are not civil acts and not democratic) and after to listen the pain, the cry of the other with an open heart. I think it's very important. And so, only the young peoples can wont really live every days considering other not an enemy but a man, a woman like him, her. It is necessary to dream all togheter, and to speak each one working for this common dream : the point of view may be very different and what they see could be different colors and shape, but learning from each other point of view, they can better understand the whole picture. Never one right or wrong about the shape and the colour, but toghether increase our knowledge. This process is normal for every person of every nation, not only for Palestinian and Israelian girls and boys.
Its possible the young people of one nation can write to the young people of the other nation, each other speaking of their dream , family, study, living, without accuses, when they had lived a common history in neutral territory, without adults.
I am happy, our Morgantini Luisa confirmed meby email the concert in Gaza...we hope!
Every thinks is little, but all toghether...once...make the differences!
In my self I consolidated the dream of two free Nation with two people living in peace and cooperating for wellfare! My vision is here, in my mind and heart!
Yes, is for this i hope other and many nations (not Israel, not Palestin) will give hospitality for some days or week to many groups of young Palestinian and young Israelis. I hope this message shall read from persons who's possible to call to our Governement to invite these young! If many other Nations (I hope maximum in Mediterranean area) will make this, it'seems acting the Spirit of Peace in the world! I think very important this Other Nations Will!
Indeed sign a petition with all the members of this group, we can also ask the organization "Avaaz.org" to help setting on a petition worldwide, They are doing a good job in this type of activities.
Warm greetings


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