I want practical ways from you that can help to achieve peace between Palestinians and Israelis.
I do not want to limit ourselves to words but want action.
So what can we do for peace between Palestinians and Israelians?
Do you have activities in this area?
Remember : (NO PROPOSALS) ...

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To begin with, other Christian writers could join me in denouncing pro-war Christian Zionists like John Hagee who seem hell bent on pushing the world into nuclear war in order to bring about Jesus' return.

See: http://www.christianzionism.org/

It's bad enough that anti-Zionist forces push groups like Hamas toward violence, when pro-Zionist forces push Israel toward uncompromising violent resistance everyone suffers. Instead of treating the Israelis and Palestinians as pawns in a cosmic chess match, why not treat them as beloved members of the human family?
Dear friends,

Thank you for having this conversation. It is people like you, who inspire people like me. Here is something some of your peers are doing:


The Sulha Peace Project gives me much hope that people can come together in peace and share prayers, living space, food, stories, music, dances and songs in peace.

We had a number of listening circles in Sydney and several Australians have attended the Sulha events in Israel/ Palestine over the last few years,

Shalom Salaam Peace,
Thank you all and I will say to you that we will start some events to make peace here in Gaza sooner

and I want from you to begin your own projects for peace
you dont want any one to start it, because you can do it

Dear Mohammed (and friends),

A good friend of mine is the coordinator for a very large network of Palestinian and Israeli organizations working on peace, justice, coexistence, etc.

Both herself and her Palestinian partner would be happy to speak with you about local activities for these purposes.

Here is her note to me:

"Dear Scott,
Thank you for your kind words and your trust.
Please feel free to forward my e-mail to people who need assistance in
channeling their good will to good practice.
Warm regards,

Ms. Yael Patir
Assistant to Director General
Peres Center for Peace &
Israeli Coordinator of the
Palestinian-Israeli Peace NGO Forum
Tel: +972 3 5680646
Fax: +972 3 5627265
Mobile: +972 50 5421422
e-mail: y.patir@peres-center.org; peacengo@peacengo.org
please consider the environment before printing this email"

I hope some of you will find this useful. Also, please thank Mohammed for the information. He asked me to share my recommendations with the entire group, and that this why I am posting this here :-)


The solutions that I would offer are creative, spiritual and ecological projects for Israelis and Palestinians in peace, like the Sulha Peace Project below; the Dances of Universal Peace who have had a number of citizen diplomacy missions to the Middle East; conflict resolution and non-violence training for people on both sides so that real dialogues can evolve through a process of grass roots community education that balances the media reports that focus mainly on violence.

We need images of peace to have a vision of peace to work and play towards peace,

Salaam, Shalom, Peace Ben/Arjuna

True forgiveness is the only way to ever mend this deep and unhealed wound...may we all learn to forgive everything in our lives that brings us pain and suffering, and allow the true love within to express itself, rather than continue in the 'eye for an eye' tragedy that continues on and on...and we end up blind...We all are One, and our Love is real, and can heal all pain and suffering, if we allow it to flow...forgiveness allows this healing to be...God Blesses your efforts to forgive and be the change you want to see in the world....I love you...Peace be with you....Peter
Positive things are happening. It is up to ordinary people to help to nurture them. Some examples are:

  1. Palestine's secret oasis -- By Zoe FLOOD (New Statesman == 04 Decem...
  2. Palestinian Forces Dilute Hebron’s Volatile Brew -- By Ethan BRONNE...

What is most practical and simplest? Forgiveness. Stopping the violence no matter what. NO more reprisals, turn the other cheek, no more attacks. I am not speaking for one side or the other, but for both sides, because they are One, not two. Both 'sides' have suffered atrocities and hell for years, but what is the use except to choose another way, one of forgiveness and letting go of the Mosaic way of an eye for an eye, no matter what. We are already blind from 'seeing' this way!
No more violence, no more attacks, we must go within to our God and pray for forgiveness to be given to our mind and heart. Then we will 'see' again, then we will know that we are truly One family in God.

The action of forgiveness is the only solution to the intractable situation that has gone on ad nauseum for decades and centuries. This is true action of the heart, mind and soul, the 'proposals and meaningless gestures' are wraught with failure from the start. The simple act of forgiveness, true forgiveness, releasing completely the past, and loving thy neighbor as thy self, is the only way to peace...not just because Jesus said so, but because it works.

(Please do not 'unpost' this just because it doesn't fit your expectation of practical, simple is of God.)
Mohammed, my friend, It would be great if the most recent comments would be posted here at the top of the board rather than at the bottom. It makes no sense...sorry, please forgive me, but can we possibly change this? Thanks for your consideration. Peter
Hi Peter: If what you suggested were done then it would be difficult to determine what the reply applies to.




A link related to Palestine Israel peace!

Like this:



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