I want practical ways from you that can help to achieve peace between Palestinians and Israelis.
I do not want to limit ourselves to words but want action.
So what can we do for peace between Palestinians and Israelians?
Do you have activities in this area?
Remember : (NO PROPOSALS) ...

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You stated, "I was bullied more than a time because I dare to say that there's no reasons in war, that we all must know each other and communicate, all people have the rights to live in peace.
At my Univ. we organized meeting with both Israeli and Palestinian students to talk about it.
Now we're trying to organize a big web-protest: create some peace-banner and putting them on all our site /private or commercials) together in the same day."

I think it is great that you disagree with war, and are organizing both Palestinians and Israelis to say together, "We do not want war." The action indicates that someone has been successful in communicating that shared interests exists, tolerance is possible, and that planning can begin to create respect between the cultures.

It would be great if more people understood how to organize similar discussions in their local communities. Could you tell us more about what processes took place to make the discussion successful?
Thank you for your appreciation.
First of all, we try to know about all the students from Israel and palestin actually studying at our Uni. Then we organize some meeting about topics, one different per day.
We borrow a room from our direction and we invite as many people as we can.
We start talking about "familiar topics" so we get know each other: there's so much prejudices between Italian. Israelis and Palestinian students!
It's not important to start with hot topic, such the war and so on, but simply talk about the education system in our countries, or the tradition and so on..
Also we watched together some movies and we discussed about it.
I think we all learn so many informations! Of cours this first meetinh helped us to understand eacj other and to come talking of biggest issues, without arguing to each others.
The best lessons we learn, I think, is that alle young people are tired of war and want a future of peace and maybe in the middle east the best way is try to understand each other and to compromise.
And the first step is being free of misconceptions and prejudices.
Maybe that it's not very much, but i think big result come from little steps..
I am speechless after viewing clips such as these. To have a heart so full of hate and desire to control the world by death and destruction. This world is whirling out of control!! I am saddened for the future of mankind. We need to change attitudes and soon!! Peace be with you!!
In my opinion we must pressure the Israeli government, making demonstrations, large as those made in the Vietnam war I invite all to participate in these demonstrations anywhere in the world where they are. Because the union is strength.
thank u Nicolette!!!

As the blockade is still up ,people from Gaza still need help.The reconstruction work it didn't start yet,there.
A gazan friend told me the children suffer for severe traumas post war.
Please, note:
yes, is in Italian but I think you can understand with images: all the Humanitaian Help food, don't pass any border to Gaza in total siege.
Our two containers of food in parcel for family (36 tons), blocked from Egypt and Israel. They come from my town, Genova (Italy), from citizens, a lot of young people, and they are for Gaza' children and family. The history began at March 10, 2009 and today is Avril 5.
In Gaza, children and women and all the people are suffering hungry.


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