As stated in iGovern, if I govern myself, then there is no need for others to do so for me/to me.

If I take the total of the steal, aluminum, copper, rubber, and other materials on the surface of this planet (including in land fills) and divide it by the total world population. Then that, is my birth right. This includes habitable land.
NOW what then will determine my wealth, is not so much what I have, but what I do with it.

Technology is the art of doing more with less, so if I live within my means, as outlined above, then if I use LESS materials than is that amount, it makes more of those materials easily available to others.
If I set my laws I live by to not exceed this amount, I do my part, of ending poverty on this earth.
Technology then is not the problem, but the solution.
Technology, is the art, of doing more, with less.

Imagine, each of us, with computer operated green houses growing our food 365 days a year?
And helping others once we have done this for our selves, to do the same?
We end world hunger.
No reason to fight over food. No stress worrying if I loose my job, I will starve.
If we can do this with food, transportation, electricity, and all of our BASIC HUMAN NEEDS,
what cause do we have then, for war? For poverty? For hunger?

This is also in keeping with My prayer for peace on earth, for Paradise this day. Because if I can live in peace, HOW I live, then I can look into the mirror every day, and smile from the inside. Knowing I am doing something to change, to a path of non-destruction, but to help, all life on earth, with how I live here.
PEACE! Its worth fighting for, fighting to change myself, into a more beautiful human being.
For real.
Feedback welcome!

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About the greenhouse mentioned above.
And technology, and using materials from land fills.
Just a concept right now, but I am collecting the parts.
People throw away scanners and printers.... These are things that I can hook up to my computer that run on tracks.... to plant, til, harvest....
And, if it takes 40 days to grow a carrot, then if I grow 40 carrots, I plant one each day, and harvest one each day, rather than trying to grow a whole years worth in one area, I only need to grow 40 in order to have a carrot a day for the rest of my life.

I live in Alaska, so I need to heat this, I also make my own power using the wind and sun (not much sun in Alaska in winter).
I can use compost to generate heat, and right now am typing this by the light of LED lamps, which also come in blue and red, for GREEN HOUSE lights. Which use very low amounts of electricity.
They are not the little bulb type normally seen, they are flat, they are the same kind used in the space station.
The light I'm using to type this by, uses LESS THAN 1 Watt.
So, I'm getting more with less....
Technology, the more it evolves the more able we are, into what our ancestors, could only dream of.
Like my using wind power in an Alaskan blizzard right now, to HEAT my camper.....
My cave man ancestors, would just SMILE!!!!!!!!!

Sorry but living in peace with this earth, not only promotes feeling peace within me for living here, but,
its down right FUN!
This will probably be a good place for someone who would like to contribute research, that can be added to the top area, of how much habitable land there is on earth, how much steal do we have on the surface, how much aluminum, glass, copper and other resources so those can be divided among the total population to help us to see, WHAT is our fair share, and what is taking MORE than our share so we know, how to live, within our means.
And live more simply, that others, may simply live.
I'm on dialup so getting this information, would take a lot of time I need to spend increasing my income, so I can live on more than $200.00 USD a month. I work online, so time spent here, is time taken away from my ability to raise money I need to survive, and change my life, so I can live better, on less money. (my income keeps going up, my pollution, and living expenses, keeps going down)
But this is an area of the group that can use help with the math, please also state your sources of your information (in keeping with iPeace's credit policy for outside sources.)
Bless you all!
Buckminster Fuller liked to do these sorts of calculations. He summed the total money in the world, and divided it by the number of people. Back then (1970's) that made everyone a millionaire. These sorts of thoughts are good mind exercises, and points of contemplation.

However, in fact, money and resources are divided they way they are, which is not only uneven among people, but among groups, like governments and companies. And the rights to use these resources is decided by a complex mix of capitalism (in pure form, those who provide the most value get the most rights to produce more stuff), and government (in pure form, elected, or otherwise acknowledged, representatives redistributing wealth according to where it will provide the greatest value.)

Also, for most people, we have a highly complex way of working with resources...we don't necessarily own everything we use. We are very inter-related with each other and all the products and services which are part of our lives. (To make one of innumerable examples, take the internet: not only do most people not even know all the elements that are part of the very computer they use, but the internet is woven across a complex platform of technology, which partakes or many resources...ultimately, arguably, all of them.)

That said, I agree with you, that using technology to do more with less is the way we will raise standards of living. This will happen both naturally, as an evolutionary epi-phenomena of technology, and consciously, as people work on technology that directly apply to things like food and energy production, with the intention to help people live better.

Ray Kurzweil has the term "the law of accelerating returns." This is extrapolating the speeding-up tendency of technology to do more with less. The result will be that soon, most of what we need to live, and more, will be practically free. Nano technology even holds out the promise that we will not even need any resource in particular (such as metals, oil or mine-able, non-renewable stuff)...since theoretically everything could be built from the atoms up. Basically, all you need is one resource, stuff (carbon, at first)...and it's all the same. Assemblers make it in to whatever you can imagine.

In recognition of that point we are coming to, I suggest that the future will be an imagination (creativity) based economy. I have built backwards from that point, and am laying the ground-work, the path, that leads from here to there.
Okay in keeping with that, I dont hold that there should be laws passed on these regards but if I change, I have seen that spread.
So if "to me" wealth is no longer about money, nor material goods, then what happens is it is not what I have but what I do with it that counts.
If I stay withing my fair share (natural law birth right to the resources) I simply change my(the?) definition of what wealth is.
It no longer is money, nor materials, but what I do with them that determines my state of wealth.
We already have the technologies to do much of what you and I are both referring to doing.
If we can imagine it, and create it using the software your defining, as well as be able to monitor the consumption of resources required to build/create our visions, simply connect our PC's up to this.
faber and our computers then process (recycle?) our fair share of our resources into the desired end product.
If these were powered by wind/solar or other renewable non polluting means which also do not cost anything, then wealth is simply determined by our ability to use technology to construct our world in the vision of our own Paradise.
This is where all these contributions come together. Not to define a single objective of Paradise, but to allow many different visions to be expressed as possible options to pursue creation first on your software, then, using an interface with a fabber, have it (re)create the materials into the actual finished product.
Using technology, to do more with less.
Use of nano technologies does have applications yet, on an atomic level there are dangers, such as if one were to be made that converted materials around itself to self replicate, could conceivably convert the entire planet. There would be no other life forms left.
As with all technology, including internal combustion engines, a little vision of what can happen could go a long way towards prevention.
But to use the combination of your technology and the fabber, we end up with computer generated less than feeding the machine garbage in one end, and out comes another wind generator.
Thing here too is, this is not something from Star Trek or a science fiction movie.
We have the technology NOW to do these things.
It already is, the future.
We just need to adopt it our selves and our homes and gardens to match :D


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