This too is a place pictures are welcome.
Pictures of peaceful places that we grow our food.
To garden, as more than just to produce food but to garden for art.

As we change the world around us in order to exist.
If we do so in a way that is like a peaceful painting,
Our world around us then is dominated by peace,
it reflects the part within us and reminds us of that part we know in ourselves, as Peace.

If we must eat, then instead of a garden that is sterile other than one kind of food grown in mass...
The gift of this planet from what we are learning of other planets is that it has LIFE.
As a rare gem, it holds value in how rare it is.
To add value to it, is to encourage as much life in a given area as we can.
Diversity adds to the amount of live in a given area,
so the more different types of life in our gardens the more wealth we hold on earth.

Please post ideas, pictures, gardening methods that promote peaceful gardens.
Much of all this has to do with iPeace.
In taking care of our selves, we hold greater peace and independence through self reliance.
If I grow wheat instead of grass for my lawn, well, for one thing it takes less work :D
But for another, I reduce my fear, of what happens if all the stores close or run out of food?
Taking care of ones self, thus decreases cause for fear, cause to "fit in" with the way things have been done,
or we could loose our jobs and thus our way to stay alive.
We also reduce fuel emissions from transporting food from the other side of our countries.

The more I "take care of myself" the greater my peace becomes.
The more I turn doing so into an ART,
the greater still my peace becomes.

Gardening has a lot to do with self reliance and self reliance as an art form will be a common theme,
in the recreation of Paradise.
Often I may grow more of one thing than another, and then trade with my neighbor who grew more of something else.
So taking care of our selves, does not weaken the fabric of society, but actually adds to it as will be explained more clearly in other discussions.
Please post your pretty pictures of how to grow our own food.
How to take care of ourselves, and in the process of doing so,
re-create Paradise ourselves in our lives and for all who may view our homes and gardens.
Help others to see what can be done, share your visions, you pictures of beauty and life that keeps us alive.
Gardens of Paradise.

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For people who lives in a town: buy with a basket (not plastic bags) in the little biological market with local earth's productions. No transport by ships, airplain, cammions: no oil, no pollution, no multinational, no OGM and the peoples who live around your land may stay working (not emigration) with the variety of local nature.
Photo at the local market: a basket with vegetable and fruits of this season

Ok these are totally in the right idea, combining these two(above) contributions into one makes me hungry!
Does anyone know how to figure out, the total wheat an average person uses a year?
Just as one example but to extend it to all foods, but what I'm trying to get at, is if we take the total habitalble land on earth,
divide it by the total population, we come up with (a TOTAL guess here someone please correct me!) a guess of 2 acres?
That means that to live within my means, I need to grow my own food on those 2 acres of land, and how much of that I'd need to plant in wheat, and how much to plant in different foods. (I am assuming too, my garden may be better growing one thing and my neighbor another so the local market holds high value as a place of exchange).
Like a math layout for a garden, and to then use imagination applied to a persons yard, or roof of any other growing area to help them understand how to best use the space they have, to get the most food per area?

But you are BOTH right!
The more local grown we get what we eat, the less polution is involved, AND the more we spred prospertiy in our community, and, if we plant and plan our gardens with the fruit of the spirit, then like all art, it reflects that back, not only while it is growing, but also while it feeds us.
LIke,,,, a machine growing thousands of acres of wheat, instead of us doing it ourselves with our hearts and minds in a peaceful place, I think will return not just in harvest, but in food quality.
Like wheat planted in anger wont grow as good, nor taste as good, as if love is in the heart of the person growing it.
Then instead of looking like mass produced fields and loaves, there is art, and love, and respect, and "connectedness" to self, earth, and community.
This is a good example of contributions from many being combined to give something beautiful.
Thanks! And the more contributions from you both and others the greater the total result becomes!
:D This place makes me smile ! (okay and a little hungry ! )
Some knowledges from EU with the purpose of investigating the impact of all stages and methods of food production and consumption, with regard to health, environment, society and economy, that is, Nutrition Ecology


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