We all have our governments we are all from many nations.
What we have in common still is "I".
So with this, I would like to add to the discussion,
of governing our selves.

If we as a people around the world yet in our own lands,
govern our selves, what need have we then of larger governments?

My child once talked of revolution,
over throw the government...
I told him that a revolution is like a circle,
you end up back where you started.
But rather than revolve,
to Evolve.
The best way to put an end to government,
is to remove the need for it.
And to govern our selves.
This way he only needed to walk the path of peace,
to work on his part, of what he wanted.

There is a story I told him, though not my own nor am I sure I remember it correctly that I told him.
I was going to the top of the mountain.
On the way I saw several other people coming from the other direction.
So I asked them what the trail to the top was like.
"We dont know, we are on the way to the top of the mountain" replied one of them.
"No" I said "The mountain is THIS way" I said.
"No" they said "We are going to this way to the top",
"Fools! Your going the WRONG WAY" I said to them....
I could see the mountain right in front of me... they REFUSED to listen!

So they went their way and I went mine.
Sure that I would see them there at the top after they learned their lesson.

Several weeks later I made it to the top and,
there, were the fools,
already waiting for me to show up......

Had they listened to me,
they would have been behind me not ahead of me.
Each has our own path we must follow,
no matter my good intentions if someone asks for advice,
consider it carefully before taking it and seek also the advice of others,
then take the best path for you and your situation.
Issues are seldom black and white,
but full color, you, being in your situation, know more about it than someone outside of it.
So if someone comes for help or guidance, I will try to assist, but that may only be by providing a different point of view. It is your life, be you to the best you can,
you then offer something unique to this world, no one else can.
Our paths may be different,
And that needs to be okay.
For each of us, to reach the top of the mountain,
and learn what we need to learn, along the way.

So while I do feel it right, to outline ways we can live together,
together is the union of many individuals.
It starts with "i"

Society here most of my life,
said it was okay to burn gasoline.
I took the total world population, divided by the total estimated petroleum
further divided that by 100 (guessing at 100 generations require for the planet to produce this resource)
and came up with 1.8 barrels of oil.
And if I burned more than that, I was stealing.
Not by the laws of my government,
but by the laws "I" live by.

If I make my laws
for how I live, more strict than any government
they have little left to do!

If I want to put an end to welfare,
I watch out for the welfare of my neighbors.

The world of humanity, is made up of individual members,
It is US who needs to change,
But with my life, I hold I only have the right to tell myself how to live,
not others.

An example of a rule I hold,
in this iGovern,
Is that I have the right to do what ever I wish to do with my own life,
so long as that does not interfere with the rights of others to live as they seek to live with their lives.

Feedback welcome!

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Well said Tree~ and well put!
You may have noticed in my other posts that I use the word 'heartfelt' quite frequently..
This is because I am learning to use my heart as an organ of perception.
In this crazy era whence people have tried ruling themselves and each other with their minds, one of the great myths that has allowed this madness to go on so long is that the heart is only capable of romantic aspirations.
In fact, as i am finding, if one tunes into ones heart there is greater wisdom there than can be attained by the rational mind.
This is because the heart is connected (by love) to all that Is.
The mind is seperated from 'all that is' by the illusion of individuality.
Sure, our minds have enabled us to develop technolgically.
If we'd listened to our hearts, we would have known we didnt need to, and the earth would be pristine.
Our minds have enabled us to control each other with laws and governments.
If everyone listened to their hearts, there would be no need for any laws or governance and there would be no prisons or wars.
This is not a romantic aspiration. This is sense. [ sense- to feel- to know what is right ]
common sense~ that which 'feels' right to everyone.

dont wrap yourself up in laws..
~~~~~~~ Feel Free
To Feel !!! ~~~~~~~
Jerry, I agreed with you about mind and heart. Yes, we are One about the heart always connecting all (we need to learn how listen heart making silent the mind). Love, is this connection with all without self motivations: to be brothers and sisters is a factor of Nature. When I write about comprehension, cooperation and compartecipation, is not for I, but is the natural step of the heart (and so of All in which every person and all person can develop and express personal creativity power and the hightest spiritual possibility). The I is a tool (= free and conscious Service to All) of the One, and we (all toghether as a group) make unity in our diversity creating harmony and beautiful (= Paradise). I (in Italian we use "io" and not "Io") Govern in Paradise is the Will (heart-mind) of the Common Good and for exercise him/herself "i" enter in the Volunteer Service with all other "i" (the group) going further the self. Sorry, for me it's very difficult to write in a foreign language and to explain well! Smile and feel well all us!
luisella I think language is less barrier to what is truth, as I feel what you say is said clearly in almost any language.
You and Jerry both do represent what I do agree with, and yet wish to make stronger in myself your added words of wisdom
that I may change the top to better reflect once I have let these wisdoms take better root within me and grow, strong enough to do justice to your contributions.
In my own ways still I see truth in all. Such as to build a home together, some are carpenters, some are gardeners, some work in stone....
That the stronger each individual becomes in who they are, the more strength is added to the total.
It is pure truth that we are all one, the more clearly an individual understands themselves and lives in peace, the more this truth becomes self evident and the more the individual has to contribute by being more true to themselves.
The more then too, the more the individual comes to see that which they can "Volunteer Service" and how it is they can benefit others in what the individual has to offer to the total of all human kind > all of life on earth.
Each then sees their own place rather than feels out of place.
I know I am defending a point in the focus on the individual, and will dwell on these additions and likely let that go more as a result,
But it is within me also to the degree I control myself and govern myself, to insure the freedom of others not just myself.
We are all different colors of a rainbow, that each color is beauty in its own self, yet combined these many colors become one white light.


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