I wish this group to add to the intention of iPeace.
In that it is about i and Peace. And through this, change the world.
Not so much telling the world to change, but the power of peace within ourselves to change the world.
When a child learns to walk,
often they fall and it hurts.
Once the child learns to walk,
they don't fall very often nor get hurt as often.

If pain is there to teach us something,
it seems that the sooner we learn what it is there to teach us,
the sooner the pain goes away.

If I feel the pain of this world,
rather than focus on the pain,
I seek to learn what it is trying to teach us.

That in doing things the right way,
the reason for the pain will naturally go away.

I view humans, as children,
we are only just in our beginnings,
if we were wise, we would have no war,
no poverty, no crimes, no hatreds, cause no pains to each other or this earth.

So I hold those truths as self evident,
that we are young, and not really very good at walking yet.
we have a lot to learn.

I have faith that we will learn,
and this is an ongoing thing,
such as coming here to this site,
to learn and to share the art of the acts,
of peace.
Can this world change?
It is changing.
If we come here to learn the art of peace,
then the truth of that is self evident.
This world desires and is,
growing towards peace.
Those of us here,
make that truth self evident.

Humans are like children,
who have power tools.
Now, its a matter of growing up,
that we may create something beautiful
with them,
by starting with the holders of those tools.

If I feel the pain of this world,
rather than focus on the pain,
I seek to learn what it is trying to teach,
that I may help the world learn to walk,
that we may then learn to fly.

If you know of good ideas for re-creating Paradise, please share them!
That others may come, and find ways, and learn how they too can make changes to shift the course of all humanity in the direction of the re-creation of Paradise.

While "I" did create this group, I want it to be OUR group, not just mine.
What power I do have, I want to use to aid in it being a free place for all to speak equally.
To share visions of Paradise,
That my self, as well as other may come to learn from what is shared,
How to do things perhaps a bit differently than we have, to live in a way that creates Paradise.

I would also like it if people could post on this page,
Ideas for the image for this group, rather than mine, I'd like something that would be "ours".
And if you see one posted here you like, add your voice to that design, and after a while,
let us see what evolves :)
Peace to all the world, and all life on earth.
Your friend

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