Inner to the natural life.
When I was 3 years old, I learnt from Nature how to live.
When I received injury, uncomprehensions from human persons, I learn to run Into wildlife around me and to ask to Nature the real and good acts. So, I ask and I listen from Nature how I have to take in me mind, how to speak - also with the silence of the words and the immobility of the bold- with human subjects, animals, vegetale and mineral world, with One All.
I spent many years of my life studing many and many thinks, and sometimes I applied with succesfull to help someone. But now I came back to Nature: I'm leraning how to act, with my all self (not only mind, only heart, only body) and with my all self (mind, heart, body) united with all (mind, heart, body, Spirit). I'm learning to partecipate to act Paradise on Earth. I think Paradise is on Earth, but I'm not today completely able to see it and to partecipate in it. because I'm asking why human persons are so terrible, why reduce all to private propriety (all things and all thinks are of the World), why lives just considering himself separated from all (what illusions, what clouding!), why abuse Nature and in the Nature other human peoples, why humanity didn't conserve the armonious miracle of the wildlife animals going to be real a human species. Man and woman are today pieces of animals, pieces of vegetables and mineral world, and terrible other without armony and unity. I think human consciousness when understand to be the poetry of Nature (it is the syntesis of mineral, vegetal, animal world), may coming, step by step, to the armony cohomprensive of All. Peace is a consciousness state and with this we can begin to have uprightness relations with all.
Sorry my English language, but my heart speaks for me.

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I removed my long reply I had here and put it as a blog on my page here so I could make more room for all (I felt I took up to much space and want to be more fair to others here).
Mothers in all colour
learning from Animal's Paradise on Earth
It will take me 40 minutes to open Moeders in kleur.pps

While I await, I wish to share something regarding learning from animals in paradise.
Of a message from a wolf....
I will try to relate what was related to me, for this wild wolf who wished me to live near the pack, when I was a child, in the wilderness with no human contact for many years.
He gave his life to give me this message.... and almost 40 years later not sure how best still, to say it in human.....

Imagine a pack of wolves,
hunting pray,
in a way that they chase it in a relay.
The first wolf, chases it to the second one who is waiting,
who chases it to the next one who is waiting,
and so on, so there is a fresh and rested wolf,
waiting for the pray, who then tires and the rest finally join in.

How, can this be done, in advance, planned,
knowing where each wolf will be in order to drive the pray to it,
without communication?

If several humans were to do this,
how easy would it be, without words?

Humans became hunters,
they learned more about how to hunt
learning from others do so....................
(I apologize in advance due to the presentation about mothers, but feel this is important to relate)
Wolf, has hunted for millions of years.
wolf has taken many different kinds of animals that have been pregnant.
wolf sees the embryo of all of these,
they all look pretty much the same (the unborn embryo)
what species dose this common form, most represent?
This, is why, wolf does not hunt human.
Wolf, (according to wolf) knows truth of who human is, better than human does.
Has known, for millions of years.

Humans are the intended destination.
The common one, of all life on earth,
We are the CARETAKERS.
Of the garden.....
And of all life on earth.
Nature did not make a mistake in creating human,
human is natures intended.
What we have done with our role, may be another matter.....
Yet it is not to hard to become,
What we were created to become,
Doing so, will be easier, than doing what we have been doing.

Technology, is part of that objective,
it is a tool.
How we use it, defines what is in our hearts,
which then, effects what is in our hands,
much the same, as what an artist feels,
determines the end work of art created.
Thanks, Wolf for your telling. Yes, humans are not a mistake, are the common one. We are (or we have to become in coscience) the Caretakers, the bridge to all in evolution to One.
I agree, and in living with other animals, they seem to understand this, better than we.

In taking what they have taught me about being human, I wish to add to this,
but about life itself.
I wish no offence to any religion, this though may be a union of many,
it is only let us say a theory.....


According to Einstein,
Energy and Mass are the same thing in 2 different forms,
that can neither be created nor destroyed but can change forms.

Now if I were to try and explain something to someone who's highest technology was wheel.....
or better yet, to unite that way with this way.....

Energy = Spirit = Father
Mass = Earth = Mother

LIFE = Energy + Mass
LIFE = Spirit + Earth
LIFE = Father + Mother

"+" = Union
Union = Love

Life is then, the gift, of love.

Combining this with what wolf taught me,
and gave his life, to teach me this..........

I am, the union, of energy and mass.
I am, part OF this earth
I am, part OF the spirit
I am, part OF time and space
I am, part OF this universe
I am, self aware
I am, aware that I am the universe aware of its own existence.

Is the universe self aware?
I am, that proof.

While this is the best I can translate from wolf to human,
it applies, to ALL life on earth.
Just, a theory, and I wish to offend no religion,
just something put into human as best as I can, taught to me by a wolf,
who gave his life, to give me that message, to give to humans.
That was his wish, and why, I was allowed to live outside the pack, to learn.
And what, he wanted me to learn, so I could bring back to my kind.
Its taken me almost 40 years, to be able to deliver this message.
I would continue, but I come to close to aiding in the understanding of all life,
as to how it is possible to ask life to join with me, and it knowing why I am here.
I will add this image, and explain, the background is blurred, because I used no telephoto lens.
this is in FREE response, to an invitation, no food was offered.
But by the above, it becomes more clear, how this can be so, by being part OF all life on earth.

The total, is greater than the sum of the parts............
Yes, my dear friend, this is connection! I Know wery well...if you become to are connecting, all miracles become! They are not miracles but the resultats of connections we do with our heart open to te universa!
Thanks beautiful Bald Eagle coming earth! You are so innnocent, so sacred!

To People who will learn to live in Paradise on Earth, read and practice daily guideliness:

My idea to help the harmony growth of children and young is to suggest through their books and films and documentaries with stories *, drawings, symbols, ideas, ways to address and resolve the duality, disputes, conflicts and antagonism by Goodwill in three steps later:

Step 1: bring out the differences and causes of contrast.

If we unite, we must first recognize what divide, otherwise you can not drive any.Human beings are not equal but equivalent: they have the same right to be loved and respected but not the equal. Every human being is different culturally, psychological and other developmental and reactions that we or do we still have to experiment or already experienced: If we want to establish a ratio (not a simple contact or communication) with another we need to know what are the points that unite us and those that divide us.

Step 2: recognize that the responsibilities of division are reciprocal.

Any crisis or divergence was formed not by responsibility of one party, but with the concurrence of both sides.There is no one party has full right and the other completely wrong: each has a part of responsibility in shaping the crisis. Usually we express the concepts from our point of view, that almost always different from that of others.The separation and conflict arise because, as we said, human beings are different and therefore find it difficult to understand, because the mindprivileges that are controversial, and because it is incapable of determine whether the relationship is not supported by the Heart and Cause of Conscience (the consciousness of which are causes that can cause misunderstandings and divisions, duality in the opposition).We must accept the outcome of the differences brought the diversity of Consciousness and assume our responsibility.

Step 3: make every effort to reach unity.

How? Trying to find points in common with the other part, to establish a union and more stable and conscious. To do this we must, of course, that there's a Goodwill on both sides, that is should really get to union. Needs also to be each of the contenders will move from its position initial and, through dialogue, look for a point contact on which to establish the relationship.


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