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Just post about yourself. Get to know each other a little bit. :)

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I consider my as a member, also if I am not able to built, today, a wind power. I live in Italia, a very little nation if I look other, as U.S. or Brazil or other. We have laws and regulations so it is very difficult to built by self renovable energy dispositive and use it. I haven't land to cultivate by myself food, just an handchief where lives my old mother, and I cultive salads, aromatic plants, tomatos and little plants. But every day I try to respect more and more, step by step, the Earth that give to me life. In my little house I dont' use chemical produicts, just only natural, I wash house with water and lemon or vinegar, and I wash my clouth with

sorry, I continue the next days, now is too late, I have to go to sleep
Luisella? Please do not feel what your doing is not good enough. Even if you can not make your own power you are working to make changes to help those who live where you are be able to do so.
I knew some people who would recycle some of their garbage and acted as if thats all there was to it and stopped going any farther from there. (my ex-wife) But your not much different than I am, I do not own the land I am on, but live in a camper someone gave to me.
Yet in TRYING to keep changing, and not giving up? I have made and STILL am making changes in my life, but it goes past this. Now my neighbors are doing it too! The man down the road from me put solar panels on his roof, is changing his place one room at a time to run on solar power and batteries and asked me today to help him with wind generators. My brother sells his sports car to get a horse, people I know are changing!
Because people like us do not give up, we keep trying to change our selves and those around us see this!
That is about me too. I am just one person but I keep changing, and keep learning other ways I can change, and looking for other ways to help others to change, to see how beautiful our lives can all become by doing these changes.
I have lived mostly very removed from people most of my life, but what I have seen is that those I talk to about the changes I have done, do them too! Many people I have met had no idea about solar panels, or efficient lights or wind power, within a short time because I kept talking about them, felt confident enough to start getting them too!
I have seen huge changes so far, though I do feel the rest of the world may be behind in what I am seeing "around me".
This is why I work hard online to help spread this change, especially now that it is more popular to do so.
35 years ago I was the "odd" person for doing this, now? I'm more "normal" :D
And the more people change, the more "normal" I am LOL!

About me... I am a computer programmer, I write e-commerce site software. I designed the first known in the world xhtml1.1 valid shopping cart (converted) website software. With so many things around me falling apart it has been hard to finish it. Unfinished it has meant me doing a lot of the work for my clients that the software is meant to and that has left me little time to finish it.
With my few remaining clients to complete, I will then finish the software and can take many clients without much work on my end and I get the return on my investment of several years of work (6 spent on this one program while working for clients).
After I get this done, then I start making wind generators. Then I apply for some patents for some products I feel fairly certain are going to change this world in some rather large ways.
I am not out to get rich, only to change this world by giving it the tools to do so itself.
Then move onto my fair share of land (not more!) and live within what is my fair share of the materials on this earth, and use the rest of what I may gain, to help others, to do the same thing.
Then I can leave this world, in peace.
Hi lastpaige :)
Sure can! You can post here about yourself feel free to ramble away! Help other members of the group get a chance to know you :)
Tree? No, I haven't problem to be right or wrong or not enough. I have coscience of my long life with continue transformations on direction of evolution and the help to other, thanks my experiences and my looking always for new (or ancient but with counsciousness) steps which are the art of life in harmony with All Earth and All cosmos. It is a continuous process to explore, listen, see, perception, and to make more wide my vision componing a bigger net of interconnessions, the net who is We are One, We One are One with All the Cosmos...a continue and infinity process...but with a responsability every day bigger who ask to act and to help other to see with new eyes and new vision of interconnection, a vision of unity, a vision of love.
Yes, I know, today, all disconnection bring in us (and so in Eart in which we are and we live) hill, and across ill if we don't understand and if we don't become cosc and so we don't evolve us in mayor connection and unity, we are not more good for life, and we stay in dead.
When I write in this language I need more and more time and I have much difficulty to explain well me and the deep simplicity of what I need to share. In this period I have not much time, and I often think and elaborate what is better I comunicate for the purpoase (or goal?) of my soul, the what I am here.

I studied much, humanity and classic studies, and scientific at University, never coming in doctoract. Many works and many changes, each a life experience. I was mother, wife, and I worked with persons and alone, many many experiences, some fantastic gave my more indipendence, other not so and always I leaved for better (for my soul).
I worked using Lisa and the first Apple and Mac (a little pioner in Italy) for graphic. I voyaged in sailing boat as a sailor; I had many Italian sheperdogs (Cane da Pastore Bergamasco) and I trained them for conduction of sheeps, cows, horses (as trafdiction) and other as K-team (earthquake looking for save humans) and other as handicap human assistants.
I studied and worked much with alternative therapy (essential aromatic oils, energy terapy, PNL, psicosyntesys of Roberto Assaggioli). I worked at the Genoa's Acquarium related to environment, particularly Mediterranean sea, dolphins and whales andmarine tortues (search and people communications). Now I work with some ONG and also I teach about environment, Human Rights and Water at schools as volunteer. I am grandmother of tree children and I have a very old mother I help. I relaxe my sometimes going to navigate in my seas with a marine kayak of 5 m and 18 cm, when possible for a week with tend and water and food.


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