May I this day, do my part to creating a Paradise on this earth, with my life.
May I carry peace within my heart, soul, and mind, that these may naturally shine in my smile and my eyes.
May I add to the strengths of those I share this journey of life with.
May I remind them of the beauty of their souls,
May I be a good friend to all and all life on earth,
May I be a good member of this giant crew,
May I this day change my life in some way, that the creator and the earth, may find more cause to smile for creating me.
May I by living here, be an asset to all life on earth, strengthen it help it to grow.
May I this day be like a Tree in the garden of Paradise, and be fruitful and multiply the seeds of peace.
May I be grateful, for this gift of life this day, and do something right, to return this gift and be deserving of it.
May I become a Man this day.
May I, as part of this earth, and nature and this universe, add to its beauty, by how I live, and how I smile.
May I change my life more this day to live in Paradise, without shame for how I leave it, but walk the path gently,
May I this day have more cause through my changing, to be at peace with my self for my own existence.
May I not destroy this garden by living here, but leave it more beautiful and prosperous for all life on this earth.

In this I pray this day as I begin my day, that I may walk the path, and be at peace,
and in this way bear fruit in who I am in this garden I did not create, but am only a visitor passing through.
I dont seek to pick the flowers, but to plant seeds, for those who follow, to brighten their way.
That I may leave a smile I shall never see, but a smile no less that will be here, long after I am gone.
May I plant the seeds of peace.

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Fratello sole sorella luna (song subtitled)
music: Riz Ortolani, from "Brother sun, sister moon" by Franco Zeffirelli.
Song performed by Claudio Baglioni.

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It would be my wish to watch and listen to this (6:22 run time) Luisella, but on dialup internet, it would take around 4.5 hours to load so I could.
THANK YOU for your beautiful message, It opened my heart and you said everything that is important to me. If I was only allowed one prayer - this would be it. You also challenged me to go deeper within myself than I have ever gone before and you have inspired me to think further than I ever have before, I am sure your creator is smiling, the universe is glowing because of your loving


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