This is a place were pictures are welcome and encouraged.
In seeking the intrinsic nature of peace in the world, much of what I have learned I see reflected in those in this group and elsewhere in the iPeace site.
I will try to put this into words, and may refine them over time to bring them to be more simple.

As an visual artist, I sought to do paintings that would reflect peace.
Those who would buy them from me, would then have those as their environment.
We tend to be effected by our environment, without much thought, like most life is.
So to bring others closer to peace I sought to create peaceful environments with my paintings.
The paintings then became as power objects radiating peace in the persons home, thus to that extent,
Peace within themselves.
To the extent we control our environment, it then effects us.

Consider a beautiful valley.
Many on seeing it find it would be a beautiful place to live.
So in come bulldozers and heavy machinery and put in a road, and many driveways,
and many square buildings almost identical to the generic average of most human shaped homes.

Now let us step back, and gaze upon the valley.
Is it still beautiful?
Does it still reflect back to us, the power of peace?

I sold the land those who came, called Paradise.
When I did so I told the buyer these words,
"You cannot buy Paradise
it is something you must surrender your self to"

Each place on this earth is different.
Desert or forest or mountains or flat lands.
If we first, sit down in the places we seek to have our homes, or already do,
and seek out the individual personality of the location where we live,
Does our dwelling REFLECT that personality?
Is it an asset to it or a distraction from it?

If we take the above example of the valley filled with square houses,
and instead fill it with just as many tipi's or lodges,
would then not someone coming to the valley see something beautiful?

This is not to say we should all live in tipi's
But to build our homes in ways that add to, not take away from,
the beauty of paradise.

This then becomes like our painting in the home,
I reflects BACK peace, and Paradise,
rather than takes away from it.

Please post pictures of homes for humans that do this.
That reflect back, the art of the land they are built in.
Or even concepts for them, that those who come here can gain ideas
into different ways to re-create Paradise.
This is again, to turn living on earth as humans,
into an ART of Peace.

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Well said Tree!
Here is a photo of the home I have made here in Ireland.
Before I put up the house, dug the pond or put up the polytunnel I asked the 'land' if it was appropriate and in harmony and listened carefully with my heart. There is a 'peace' about this place and many would call it a paradise, but if it is, its only because it is being created in a spirit of co-operation. I believe we (humans) can find paradise anywhere~ all we have to do is engage in improvement with an attitude of heartfelt co-operation. Its not about being 'beautiful' in the classic sense of mountains and forests or white beaches and palm trees~ its how we feel about our interaction with it that determines whether its paradise or not...what d'ya reckon?
Jerry the more you say, the more I see and understand what your saying :) And the more I agree with you!
"created in a spirit of co-operation"
I think those are beautiful words, for living with this earth, and with each other!
Your pond, adds to the biodiversity of the life that can live in your area.
Just as your and others words and wisdom's, add to the diversity of what is Paradise, united.
Each doing our part, the total becomes greater than the sum of the parts.....
What your place offers, is more life, and that is peaceful, beautiful, helps invite more life per same area,
and helps you to take care of yourselves better, yes, exactly in keeping with this discussion!
Welcome addition, and well said!
Umbria (Italia), 16 March 2008
Beautiful window! I like how the couch is facing the window, like many homes where the couch is facing a TV set, but instead this gets to see for free and let in light, and helps the person become more at one with the peace of nature around them. As with Jerry's I notice in his there is not "lawn" which I think is great by encouraging nature rather than changing it, but living with it.
Although I have to say my horse would love to mow that lawn for you luisella! He would be very at peace with that! (smiles)
In the picture P3160030.jpg, YES! You have a garden, with diversity, can grow your food, invites OTHER life to visit and live better on it like Jerry's pond helps wild life by providing water habitat also.

I did a search on Google looking for "roof gardens" and found this link with pictures of others who take the place they live and turn it into a garden as if making Paradise, in their own yards and on the roofs of their homes (great idea!)

On this one found at
I think it has potential, but shows that even in our cities we can turn them into gardens of paradise with our human homes.
The one above at though has a lot more "life per area" more diversity, as well as more beauty as a result.
And if we planted food that feeds us, then we combine: Food, cooling, and our shelters as one! In warm or cold climates, to use earth (soil) on the roofs helps insulate them reducing cost of living in them and at the same time making them less polluting depending on the method used to heat and cool.
But both of these show, we CAN live on this earth with our homes, in ways that PROMOTE life, add to beauty, and in so doing we become more one with the earth and its beauty, instead of taking away from it.

I rather like this one in what it shows for potentual but if mine? I'd plant more different kinds of plants on top of it, but it also shows that we can make our homes reflect the land, and be something that if someone were to come upon it, see it adding to, not taking away from the beauty of the land (from (please dont forget if using images or text from other places online, to give credits for the places they come from!)

Thanks for fine words to my photoes, the links and the great idea for town!
Spargi's isle (Arcipelago della Maddalena, Sardegna, Italia). 3 september 2008
If you cannot see my photos:
upon, the fine window is from the house of our community in Umbria (I went for 15 years: we learn and we teach how to build a new world by comprension, compartecipation and cooperation).
Here, there is a fantastic little house into a big rock in an isle of Sardegna (big isle of Italy)


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