As we live on this earth we have basic needs,
Food, warmth and shelter.
This is a place to once again post images.
Of beautiful ways of doing this.

Drawing from my own personal experiences,
much like a garden, full of biodiversity,
The more different ways I have of heating and cooling,
the better my chance I can harvest in different types of weather that year.

Right now I'm in Alaska USA, and it is winter,
and the winds are cold and strong.
I have wind generators, and my power storage is full,
so to use this extra power, I have electric heaters running,
so the harder the bitter winds of winter blow, the warmer my dwelling becomes.

This is just one example of keeping warm turned into an art.
But to finish doing so, I need to redesign (a work in progress),
the bodies of my wind generators so they too, become ART.
Something that someone looking at them, would see as beauty,
not as a distraction from the beauty of nature (life on earth)
but an accent to it. to bring beauty to it, not take away from it.
That looking upon the wind generators and solar panels and other means,
is turned into something of beauty,
Something that would look nice, in Paradise.
Not just turning keeping warm into an art, but to do so artistically.
So it reflects peace on earth, rather than distracts from it.

A warm fire could be seen as something of beauty and peace,
And pictures of those are welcome also,
However, we seem to be doing a lot of burning on this earth,
since we learned about fire, we seemed to have gotten a little carried away with it,
like a child given a power tool.

I try to use electricity, even though I have a wood stove in Alaska and an abundant local supply,
I seek to learn to do things better an not burn up the world I live in, to stay warm.

If I am descendant of cave man,
I think my ancestors could look upon me and smile,
with my turning the bitter winter winds, into heat for my home,
without burning anything, without work, the winds do this for me,
as I use what this earth freely gives, wisely,
rather than force from the earth more than it freely gives,
and burn up what belongs to the next generations, more than to this one,
that has already used up far more than its share.
I am among those who have done so,
and need to stop, so I can live in peace,
for existing on this earth.

Please post ideas and pictures of ways we can keep warm or cool,
that do not destroy this paradise, but accent it, using what is freely given.
The more beautiful they are, the more others will want to do the same from these examples.
Like a smile, its beauty, and it is contagious!


Sorry these are not pretty (yet) I'm living on around $200 USD a month income so the heater came out of a dumpster and I'm putting function before fashion, until I can put more of myself into re-creating Paradise.
It is a work, in progress.

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I find your wind generators aesthetically pleasant. They are quite different than the ones used here in Germany.
That's my first impression.

I heat with wood, which I find to be a much more pleasant heat than many "artificial" ones, although I can well resonate with your desire to burn less and to use the other resources such as bitter winds ;-) to heat. I would gladly use wind and sun to heat my place ... so far it has not seemed feasible (largely financially, for solar systems, or space-wise for the storing of heated water...). I'm sure the technology will begin to get to the people more and more... Thanks for any practical info.

Warm greetings from also (maybe not quite so) cold eastern Germany! (And we had quite strong winds bringing "Arctic air" in from Scandinavia this past week... today a bit calmer.)
Hi Becki could you post some pictures of those wind generators? I would be really interested in seeing those!
I am in the process of making several more.
When I started last year I did not know how they worked (even though the one in the middle I've had around 20 years), but because I could not afford to buy any, I set out to learn about them. So I could figure out how to make my own. I wanted to try and do it only with parts I had to buy, but mostly with parts I could get out of the trash dumpster and land fill near here. (for free, plus they are recycled)
Part of my intent with my own life, is to learn what it would take if I was living in poverty like many countries, then share this information online so someone if they could get online, could learn how to make their own wind generators from things found in the trash.
The more I learn, the more I am able to do this, so I would really like to see the different kinds your talking about. Are they on homes? Or are they from large companies?
I'm wanting to make what I'm doing so "people" can be independent. Like in your case, instead of trying to buy a large wind generator, to either learn to make your own, or, to buy SMALL ones! This way you don't spend a large amount of money to "get started" and if you have many small ones if one stops working your not out of power.
I'm not wanting to make bigger ones than I have, I'm wanting to make them "smaller". So those with low incomes, can get started changing, and become "independent".
Hi Tree, your wind generator is very interesting! Do you may give us a design with dimension and how to composite it? I wont to try... I just play with the wind with a child toy I done...a bird in fly! It don'to give energy, but give joy! I think is very interesting to study all windmills once necessary to grind to have flour for bread and other food, to have oil from olives (here in Mediterranean areas), and to produce energy works. In Denmark at 1890 were 7000 windmills for the production of electric energy, and in 1968 the last windmill stooped its activity because the competitive energy oil producted.The same in the Midwest of U.S. just about 1960. The science of the wind is ancient and very important. The kite, today just a child play (not only child, I love to play with it) or a sport play, in China (from 2600 a.C. when become the production of the thread silk) was utilized to transport persons and arms and food from a land to another or in a town besieged, or building material to the up of a tower or other . The kite is the grandfather of aviation with our airplain. Once, some kites may transport upon in the sky to 10.000-12.000 metres a wind superfice to take the constant wind and bring the producted energy down in the kite thread to us in the earth superfice. A dream? like every invention, before the actuation.
Tree, is fantastic your idea to "invent" productor of energy with trash and many simple ideas, so every poor person in the world may have by self the necessary energy for life! We give the name of sobriety to this poverty, a moderation which all we must adopt to become free and fair person, real rich as human.


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