Paradise on earth.

Welcome to Paradise!. Where We are the Eagle, Nature the Dove. Flying together, a world lite by love. Where Peace rules us, thus, this earth.

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Paradise on planet Earth!

Welcome ALL.
All nations, all languages, all religions, rich and poor.
Welcome to Paradise, it has begun.
Some rules: Religion, politics, and all else are WELCOME here.
There is no "This is the only right way and if you don't your damned forever".
There is TOLERANCE here of ALL religions, that seek the TRUTH.

I live in Paradise. Simply because I am aware of it!
If you feel that driving a petroleum car or coal fired power is acceptable in Paradise?
Please keep in mind, your not the only one here!
I melt snow for my water, I drink the rain. No one suffers from your actions?
I pay with my health, if this is your choice, for how to live in Paradise.
This is not a rule, it is simply telling the truth.

I was not born to this earth in this time and form and species, by accident, I was sent here.
I remember before I was born, and that which created me.
It was important that I did, so I would remember why I am here.

If in the future millions of voices cried out, it is quite possible for them to be heard across space and time.
That, is why I am here.

I carry with me seeds of peace.
In their name, I came.

I believe if we can pay others to do this:

as if not seeing it removes us from being responsible for it.

I believe:
That we can, in our quest for PEACE change it to paradise,
with INTENTION because we want to live with our selves in peace.
And know, we did something, to change, ourselves.
Like a caterpillar, turns into a butterfly,
we can change, into something very very beautiful.

Sometimes that may take a bit of time,
to spin a cocoon, and look deep within our selves,
to see what we have been doing to this earth to live here,
and to have the determination, to change.
as each of us assumes responsibility for being part OF all life on earth.
To demand of OURSELVES, to change into something more beautiful,
what, we were meant, to be in the first place.

Please contribute, your definitions of the end goal for humans.
To evolve into what we were created for and to be.
To help each other one step at a time, or to take larger steps.

This is not to point out our obstacles, though solutions are welcome.
But to contribute to a blueprint that perhaps others may also see,
and seek to help to build. Not focused on our past problems,
but our DESTINATION, and take the steps on this journey,
to Paradise that is already here.

I hope to alter this group based on its input, less to my direction I see but closer to ours, based on these contributions that as a group it may evolve.

I am on solar and wind power, and slow internet connection.
Please refrain from posting automatic loading videos and heavy images
(or I may not be able to view this page)

Please, share your words, your visions of a world living at peace, of a Paradise
of a species, devoted to the restoration, of a Paradise, for all life on earth.
That I and we all, may learn to become better and evolve into the garden tenders,

And live in peace with all life here with how we live
creating Paradise on Earth as a natural result of our existence here.

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Comment by Ben-Zion Weiss on November 19, 2008 at 7:45am
Your poetry moves my heart, Tree Thunderchild.
Images of the wild world lift my spirit -
it flies into the clouds and dances with the wind.

I feel there is a great need for poetry and music
in the contemporary world.

One of my main spiritual practices are dances of universal peace
where we sing and dance our way to peace and in peace.

It reminds me of the activist A.J. Muste who said:

There is no way to peace,
peace is the way.

This was the slogan for the Buddhist Peace Fellowship
which we painted on our banner for peace marches in Sydney
some years ago now.

I thank you for your gift Tree,
and for you reminding me of peaceful memories

In peace, Arjuna/ Ben
Comment by Jerry on November 19, 2008 at 2:48am
Hey Tree youre spot on~ lets make it a PARTY!
From now on, every time I do anything from the heart that helps, no matter how small, how temporary, how unseen, its part of the Party ~ the one that has no end
'creating' it ~ 'is' it
Comment by David Gould on November 19, 2008 at 2:30am

Are we truly the heirs of paradise
is it ours to reclaim as was promised
and will the bird of wisdom lead us
to waters of crystal and of jade,
can a fountain spring within us
from each newly purified heart
and can Jerusalem now return
from whence it was hid from sight.

I wish I was young again tonight,
and waited upon my loves return,
that I should live to see it come
and live that paradise from your smile.

David © 18 November 2008
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on November 19, 2008 at 1:26am
I apologize if I am slow to respond, my internet connection prevents me from going as fast as I would like, often my posts are long as a result.
My heart just sings to see so many wonderful souls here!!!
Jerry! wow! So many inspiring words from so many!
But on Jerry's comment my perspective is lighter now,
Perhaps not the correct interpretation of you words but perhaps so..
Turning (returning) Paradise, rather than a job, but a PARTY!
Which is what your all appearing to do here, in celebration
and in common destination.... I know its a lot more fun with all your smiles,
than the work I was thinking I had cut out for me :D

John Payne... I learned one thing I valued highly while living in the wilderness as a child,
It really stuck in my mind... I think it went like this...
"Let no one say your name,
and say in shame,
this is the way,
you came."

That is a very good seed for planting in the garden of Paradise,
of the path to walk in.

I do not wish to dominate in this group,
but due to my internet and power from wind and sun,
am prevented to much time here,
I dont seek to be in the center,
but to place a round table all may come and sit and talk
What is shared in such a short time,
as so many beautiful words of wisdom!
seeds for a garden...
that are not falling on stone,
take root :)
Comment by Becki on November 19, 2008 at 12:35am
amen. i agree.
good night!! ;-)
Comment by Jerry on November 19, 2008 at 12:19am
Thanks for the invite Caroline!
The way I see it, Paradise is where we are, but 'knowing it' is pretty much a state of mind~ trouble is there are now so many people who are choosing not to appreciate the beauty and abundance of this planet, it seems like paradise is somewhere else...

I once wanted to start a political party called 'The Paradise Party' with the simple manifesto of working towards paradise~ I believe if people feel they are part of a movement towards not just a 'better world' but a real 'Paradise' they would start to see it (or the potential for it) everywhere they look, and it would just manifest itself sooner rather than later!

Have any of you heard of Anastasia? There are a series of books written in Russia that expound the wisdom of this incredible woman that have sparked a revolution there towards ecological living~ she is a literal roadmap to Paradise and amazingly inspirational~ I would recommend anyone to read them, they have been translated into loads of languages.

I cant tell you how exited I am to be meeting all you people on the road to paradise~ may we grow from 6 to 6 billion!!!
Comment by Farouk Mukhallalati on November 18, 2008 at 9:19pm
Thank you Caroline. I hope here is the lovely paradise .
Comment by Karun Kumarji on November 18, 2008 at 3:56am
Guardians four ever
Comment by Karun Kumarji on November 18, 2008 at 3:55am
When the trees cracked open two years ago she grew her wings and flew and heaven on Earth is just about as much as we can take as Earth joins Heavens chorus with the dawn of Creation of Ever.

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