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This is one of the issues that I have spent a lot of time researching and thinking. Is it possible to engage in social change and also earn a living at the same time. What are some of the most effective ways to make a difference? Do individuals have to give up their values to make a difference?
Would be interested in any thoughts/comments here. You can also find more resources on the topic on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, http://internationalpeaceandconflict.org
I am also attaching a report I co-wrote a few years ago on careers in International Peace and Conflict Resolution

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What are some of the most effective ways to make a difference?
Treat others as your equal. Be effective by offering truth with mutual respect, kindness, compassion and hope! Most of all open your mind to receiving!

Do individuals have to give up their values to make a difference?
Clearly, the only values you must give up are those values rooted in any "isms." For example, no sexism, ageism, racism and etceteras. Vaules must be rooted in the actions of doing the right things, especially when no one is watching--

Finally, Craig, thanks for sharing-- especially the attached report. I would suggests that you are on the path of rightness! Stay the course and continue to share like information with others who desire to make a difference in living daily lives rooted in effective change.

Have It Good!

Abiding Peace & Hope!

I am touched and moved!

I find your (if I may) steps for making a difference most truthful! We must do that thing which brings us peace of mind and joy! I love it that you play the drums and offer people an opportunity to do something that may help them in their process of finding their way~ How freeing it must be for you to share in such a manner!

I find my greatest joy in writing and studying people if you will-- So, it is my hope that some day, the right publisher will accept my work and me as a client. In the meanwhile, I earn my pay by working a daily gig that allows me to read and write various types of documents-- So, I work to support my writing habit I guess but every effective change in due time eh--

Thanks for sharing! Your story is a beautiful one and one that I understand and receive in the spirit it is given! Continuing success to you!

Abiding Peace & Hope!
Emm Dee B.
Thanks. I agree that in general if people follow what they truly believe in that it is possible to find creative ways to earn a living. Although it also takes some planning, skills development, networking and a bit of luck or serendipity.

One of the fields that also fascinates me (apart from my own, conflict resolution which I have been working in for over 15 years) is social entrepreneurship, which is helping to bring incredible creativity and skills to affecting large scale social problems around the world.

Appreciate all of the stories and look forward to hearing more.
Thanks. As I wrote above, this is a general topic I have been involved in and working on for many years. How can we stay relatively true to our values and earn a living, can they be combined, or do people have to take a job to earn funds and make a difference on the side. There is no simple answer, but there are many inspiring examples in the world today. There is also a fascinating movie coming out in the near future called Soldier of Peace about peaceworkers around the world who are making a significant difference.


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