I have added some attachments for people to view and to share there thoughts.

Also some press releases that have come to my attention, which are related to domestic violence/abuse or violation of the human rights of women in the world. I accept that men too experience violence and abuse and I would deny or minimise that. There are dreadful statistics that demonstrate that violence against women in all its forms.

Please feel free to share your expereinces or thoughts in a safe place. In my work, we are always careful to remind people that domestic violence and abuse is a highly emotive subject and whether the experience was recent or some time ago, the scars are always painful. Peace love & harmony xxx

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Sorry for the delay in responding, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Once it begins it doesn't stop, education is the answer, it takes time to change views and opinion, to acknowledge that we are all free human beings, not the property of another. Love is unconditional, it is the person who uses it as a weapon of power over another.

By changing the views of all, we can stop violence at home, but it won't happen overnight. Every person who sees the harm and makes the change is one more ripple in the pond. If, through education, we can raise awareness, if one person changes their behaviour, then its more people who will benefit. Take one abuser, change the pattern and that not only protects one woman, but her children, who will grow up knowing love and not violence.

Love and hugs xx
I used to work in shelters, the courts and on crisis lines. I have heard horrific stories. One story I think of is that of a friend who was abused in every way by her wealthy husband ( she never knew how wealthy his was until the divorce). She finally decided to leave him but she bought a condo a short walk through the woods to his house so that their children could visit him easily. He would break into her condo and rape and terrify her on a regular basis. She was unable to hold a steady job due to the terror. One time he drove his car into her in the driveway repeatedly she would fall get up and he would do it again. When the neighbors came out of there condos to try to stop them he threatened to kill them they went back in the house and called the police. Their 16 year old daughter the oldest who witnessed this also called the police. My friend did not want him to go to jail and cried for leniency. The Judge was lenient but put a harsh probationary order on him. He was able to honor that with the threat of jail over his head. As soon as that was lifted he started in again. He was not as blatant but the children decided to live with him because the mother was so distracted by this that she had trouble holding down a jiob and could not afford to keep her condo. She moved to various apartments but the kids wanted to live in a fancy house and they wanted their Dad to help them with college. When he beat them it was often in front of the mother who could do nothing. The kids lost respect for her as she would tell them that they had to get along with their dad. It is a very sad story. Just one of many.
That is heartbreaking but demonstrates that domestic abuse happens at all levels of society, rich or poor. The impact it has on the whole family is so distructive and what will the children of an abusive father grow up to be? It is easy to see why this mother was so worn down by years of abuse. How many more women and their children will have to experience this before there is a change? Thank you so much for sharing such a sad story and showing the damage that is done to so many lives. Love and hugs xxx
Thanks for you comment, hopefully we will make a difference, I am sure if we keep trying, in the end......a change! Hugs xxx
Thanks so much for all your input Nicolette. Great outcome but sadly, it is the case that people prefer to believe a woman is crazy rather than being abused or their children being abused.

Thanks for the links too.

Hugs xx

I was beaten and humiliated, abused and shamed all through my childhood, I have grown up with a massive aversion to any kind of violence and as I am now (at 35) getting to a place where I can say I am recovered, I want to put my energies into helping the planet recover from violence by sharing the love and getting involved with peace and non-violence activist work.

I started this by becoming a vegan, I read about the abuse that the animals suffer and as a survivor of abuse I could not be any part of this and instantly went vegan and will never go back, it is my truth and my passion to have no links to any form of ause and this even extends to ethical shopping - I will not buy from shops that have any links to child labour etc.

I love Earth and everything on it and I want to be part of saving it. Domestic violence and abuse should not be tolerated by anyone, it is hard to get out as a child as you have no choice but as an adult you make your own choices, love yourself enough to free yourself from the oppression and you are then strong enough to help others.

Break the cycle of abuse and you are one step futher towards bringing more peace on the planet.

Brightest blessing with love and light

Thank you so much for sharing this....in love & light....many blessings xxx


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