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PEACEfest is to be the world's largest peaceful celebration, September 11-22, 2009, we're trying to build a global holiday, join us!

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We need to do anything we can to materialize as many events around the world as possible!

I built this group to help people @ iPeace get together and start talking! Together we can bring PEACEfest to every town, city, & village on Earth by 2012!

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We have a home network which was built as a centralized hub for PEACEfest efforts, but please don't consider this as spam trying to build a network, the goal is to get people talking about PEACEfest @ iPeace, i am sure that everyone here will be a big part of making it happen, and i thank you for anything you can do to help!

... the important part is that we do make it happen this year, and as large as possible, y(our) imagination(s) are the limit!

this is a commUNITY created event and every single one of You(us) counts, let's make it happen!

Join the member-owned if you would like to help us build our commUNITY there, we could use your help to get things started right!
It's a fairly young network built to help "Peace People" find each other locally!

All are welcome!

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Comment by ABED MALHAS on May 26, 2011 at 5:29pm

Nobel Prize 4 Children;

The addition of children to Nobel; It will take a moment of your time but will impact for a lifetime; please send Emails to;; to include NOBEL PRIZE 4 CHILDREN; Imagine the great positive effect- to all World children-student-university-education- culture-innovation-education outlet-industry-media-etc.  & all humanity; let us all join to bring this beautiful concept to reality; CASA ( 9680  Member / 155 Country & growing ); Imagine a million child  from UR country or globally; 2 send  emails in one day ( they will be at Guinness World records; Please in any event U do try 2 have an internet corner 4 people 2 debate & send   emails 2 Nobel committee supporting the idea of - NOBEL PRIZE 4 CHILDREN;


Comment by ABED MALHAS on May 26, 2011 at 5:28pm


dear friend my lady   I am honored 2 ,TK U 4 UR positive energy ,support , LOVE 2 ART , children ,humanity & CREATION ,


let US Enhance, Tolerance, Cooperation, Understanding, Acceptance, World Peace ,Confidence ,,Recognition ,Human Rights ,Cultural Enrichment ,Positive Globalization - Love & Help the less fortunate - Love & Protect the Environment;

METHOD CASA is initiating six GLOBAL NEW concepts;

- ART OLYMPIC ( equivalent 2 Sport Olympic )



- CASA ( care and share art ) GLOBAL TOURING EXH.



please inform the leaders of  UR country  , children; students; schools; academics; artists; museum; gallery; art outlets; sponsors; decision maker; celebrity; media; industry; etc.

it will benefit U , them , UR  country & the World
Comment by meera on November 5, 2008 at 3:49pm

THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH IS THE ONLY SEARCH THAT MAKES YOU AUTHENTICALLY HUMAN. Otherwise there is no difference between you and the animals. And the crowd remains at the level of the animals.

NEVER BELONG TO A CROWD; never belong to a nation; never belong to a religion; never belong to a race. Belong to the whole existence. Why limit yourself to small things? When the whole is available, only stupid people will cling to small things.


Only then you will have the taste of what true life is. AND A GREAT GRATITUDE ARISES.... on its own accord. Not towards anyone in particular, but just towards this WHOLE... all these stars, and the trees and the mountains and the rivers and the oceans and the people and the birds... all that is. You simply feel a tremendous gratitude.

AND WHEN YOU OPEN YOUR EYES WITH GRATITUDE, the same world becomes so psychedelically beautiful, so colorful -- you could never have believed that trees are so green; they have never been -- and these are the same trees! That the winds passing through the trees are creating such subtle music -- they have always been creating, but you were deaf. That sunsets and sunrises and the tremendous beauty they bring... you had been missing because you were blind.

Your trust in the total opens all your sensitivities to their extreme. And this whole existence becomes a sheer dance, a sheer celebration.


Om Mani Padme Hum
Ch #25: Nowhere to fall to
Comment by Dufourny Steve on October 29, 2008 at 12:29am
Hi friends ,

Hope this sad world ll change's important ,united ,love ,universality ,balance ,harmony,humanism ,sharing ,adapted sciences for priorities...together all is possible


Comment by David Gould on October 24, 2008 at 2:23am
Light of Peace

Every time you and I light our many candles for peace,
every light in this dark world is part of this light,
this light is spreading to cover this earth
giving its message of love and hope out
till people no longer need to fight
and bombs become the relics
forgotten of former ages
and guns have all gone
melted to form
to us

David © 23rd October 2008
Comment by Rfuaw Diarra on October 11, 2008 at 9:29pm
Have A Great Weekend!

Don't forget to go out and do something to help change the world today. Bring a meal to a homeless person or family. Clean out your closets and bring your unneeded findings to a women and children's shelter. Start a block clean-up in your neighborhood. The world won't just change because we are talking about it. We have to work with it.

Be Blessed!

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