The two meanings of the word Peace in English, is to me a bit confusing. But there is a close connection between Inner and external peace. A very close ...*smile*


Here a text, that I wrote rather long time ago , and which now goes in replay :)




Everyone knows that peace and harmony comes from within. If not.. then it is the small child within us who mess it up. A neglected, abused and maltreated child becomes a grown up full with hatred and whit a need of revenge. Some one have to pay…The account has to be settled. It is not only and always just our own miserable childhood, we want revenge. Often this feelings associated with the individual are repressed and instead they are projected out on a culture, a people or a religion.
The basic source is still the same; our inner child and that goes for all kind of violence and cruelty, there is no other origin. To know what this often shameful child can do to our mind and psyche. just look into the nearest Newspaper or turn on the News, and that wherever you are in the world. There you will get your profs of what a destructive power a mistreated child in a grown-up body has. Multiple that child with many thousands and we have a war.

I’m sure you are thinking that it must be more to it . Of course it is. But this is the fundamental reason for all kind of evil. But in a complex society whit different political structures and mixed religions other tensions are added to basic and individuals..
We have to must take the root if you want to eradicate weeds. How to create peace is not only to sing beautiful songs or pray fervent prayers. But more about finding the root of the evil and start there.
A more equitable society, equality between men and women, economic justice and religious freedom are some of the key ingredients of a functioning social system where we can work and call ourselves peacemakers. That as long as we parallel are seeing, confirming and loving our children. Everyone who has contributed t o a happy childhood for anyone are a true pacemaker. Since that child will not use violence in any context. Here I’m not only talking about our own children. But children in general. Children are the responsibility of all of us

If not , and it happen every day, we might as well be the next victim four their internal or external bomb. Since these ”grown-ups children” walk around like ticking bombs in our communities. Sooner or later they explode.
Just look at the various school massacres that happening all over the world periodically, look at all these dirty wars where even women and children get tortured and killed

So let’s start to ”see” the children of today and care for them. Then we do not have to look for their inner, damaged neglected , hateful, depressed whatever, children ”tomorrow”. They are sometimes difficult to find and even harder to heal.

So once again it all starts with the Children, since Peace on Earth are depending on the wellbeing of our Child Within

So let us make this group a forum where we discuss how we best can help the young ones to balance and inner peace. How to save the world by saving its Children

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