Peace and goodwill is all around,
in fragments here and there,
it is still to be found,
can we learn to stitch those all together
use the fabric that we've made into one umbrella
that will shelter us all through stormy weather
and strengthen our ties, which would be quite stellar...

September 27th 2010

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Thanks for your poem Rhumour. *smile*

I also try to write poems , but you know since English is not my language, I will never succeed in catching the nuances. Which for me together with the rhythm is just poetry...
Thank you Ginilla :)

Many of my poet friends around the world amaze me with how well they manage to write poems in English - I know it would not be possible for me to manage writing in another language. I do assist a few of them in 'polishing' the poems to ensure the meanings are clear.

Poetry styles vary enormously of course, many people now use 'Free Verse' and other forms that blur the distinctions between poetry and prose - I remain more attached to rhythm and rhyme myself. :)

Best wishes, Dave
I like that too. For me Poetry is just the rhyme and the rhythm, which make it approach music. So Please never become too modern ;)
It's the same tendency here in Sweeden. No poets use rhyme . But all the great ones in history did, so that is good enough for me *smile*
Hehe - the slight drawback of using Rhyme is that when poems are translated into another language, that aspect of the work is almost always lost.

But for me the magic of the poets of yesteryear was that flair for rhyme and rhythm - I tend to 'sing' the lines in my head while composing so that they can sometimes work as songs too. Unfortunately writing the music is much harder, so only a few actually became songs.

I guess I am lucky to have been born in England, I doubt I could have managed to cope with German poetry styles for instance, but the wealth of works from so many of our past masters appealed to me from an early age - so I still write some items for children :)

Best wishes, Dave
When I read Swedish poetry , I just read the old ones. The modern poems will not survive, since they have nothing of "poertry" in them..

Pity that I will not be there, in the future, to verify my hypothesis ;)


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