I am a rebel against torture
I am a rebel against pain
I seek an end to hunger
I seek an end to the shame

The shame that comes from knowing
all those children that die without water
all those children that die without names
all those children that die from war

Why do men play their vicious games
why do those men pretend to serve God
when all they want is power over others
when all they see is the red mist of blood

I am a rebel against politics
I am a rebel against greed
I seek an end to robbery
I seek new ways to succeed

The needs of my child are sated
The needs of many more are not
All children were born equal
All should be safe, not shot

Why do we buy the rubbish
we then litter all around
why do we let the merchants
pollute us with the sound

The sound of quick hard sell words
the sound that masks whats real
the sound of till drawers opening
the sound as they thus steal

They steal our childrens futures
They hide the urgent needs to come
They want to keep our eyes closed
They want us to stay mum

Rebel against their cruel ways
Rebel against their future theft
Rebel until they come to listen
Rebel until we do our best

The best is not to squander
The best does not spoil the land
The best is taking care of all
The best is to make them understand

I am a Rebel - with a cause

August 11th 2010

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Yes, we can and will manage as the realisation that we have the tools for success here in our hands - Laptops, Notebooks, Blackberrys, iPhones and more are gifting real power to the people for more than viral marketing - next should be viral humanitarianism.......

Best wishes, Dave

I'm that kind of a Rebel too (with a cause... ;) and we have good reasons. You mentioned them all *smile*

Thank you so much for those your words... I just say "Amen"
It is hard to change from the old habits of our teens, just the emphasis is different now.

The opportunities that the web give us for communication should ensure we obtain the more permanent linking of people that mass demonstrations and media have not been able to sustain. We just need that connection to be cemented with the trust that comes from common needs - and hard ships that are growing from financial woes are another aspect of those common needs....

Best wishes

It talks every thing...thanks
It is great
Thank you :) This was an early morning scribble - somehow the dawn can help cement thoughts that are fragmented during the day...
When I no longer am a "Rebel at heart" who react on injustices, feel for those who suffer and are weak, worries for the abused children and those without food and water, possess compassion for the victims of war and violence and for nature disasters.

Then I hope I am long ago gone. Since I have lost the characteristics of being a human,namely empathy and love for my fellows
We have that inherent characteristic of stubborn campaigning for the people we recognize as our most dependent or vulnerable brothers and sisters. I think that is suppressed in many who avoid disturbing the daily routines they were taught. Some are just too timid to open their hearts, fearing they will never cope with the sheer enormity of the woes we see around us. Others are enveloped in the surreal virtual world that the marketing wizards project, unable to see the short term nature of such wasteful exploitation of resources.

But we will persist while our grey cells have the vigour - our spirits are the assurance of that :)

Best wishes, Dave
Yes. we have different excuses for not seeing. Yes I also wish sometimes that I could close my eyes, since what does it help that i dare to see, when I nowadays can do so little...
Many can do but a little - but a little times many is a great deal and so is always worthy of team efforts....


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