I am a rebel against torture
I am a rebel against pain
I seek an end to hunger
I seek an end to the shame

The shame that comes from knowing
all those children that die without water
all those children that die without names
all those children that die from war

Why do men play their vicious games
why do those men pretend to serve God
when all they want is power over others
when all they see is the red mist of blood

I am a rebel against politics
I am a rebel against greed
I seek an end to robbery
I seek new ways to succeed

The needs of my child are sated
The needs of many more are not
All children were born equal
All should be safe, not shot

Why do we buy the rubbish
we then litter all around
why do we let the merchants
pollute us with the sound

The sound of quick hard sell words
the sound that masks whats real
the sound of till drawers opening
the sound as they thus steal

They steal our childrens futures
They hide the urgent needs to come
They want to keep our eyes closed
They want us to stay mum

Rebel against their cruel ways
Rebel against their future theft
Rebel until they come to listen
Rebel until we do our best

The best is not to squander
The best does not spoil the land
The best is taking care of all
The best is to make them understand

I am a Rebel - with a cause

August 11th 2010

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Absolutely right

Thanks for GREAT discussion ! Always been a rebel, by my early 20's became "a Rebel ~with A Cause(s)"
My fav boots has on shoe strings & on back of them "Rebel with a cause" written,lol was soooo excited to have found them years ago -2000, sadly they finall fell apart,but I saved the shoe strings :D
Is good to have a questioning mind-questioned everything since a wee lass..suppose what led me to activism/advocacy work over 20 yrs ago..
Peace & Smiles
I like the "Rebel" in us ;)
Think we should be proud of that Not apologize
Always be proud of standing up for the fundamental principles that are usually subjugated by the actions of greed and power.......

Best wishes

Thank you Dave. *smile*

But it seems as we have to fight a little for this "standing up" philosophy...
All worthwhile changes require persistence :)

Though we may grow weary from all the delaying tactics employed to maintain status quo, the slow changes in so many areas of society and politics have all come about as a result of unrelenting assertions of core values and principles that have slowly been recognised as supporting fundamental human rights.

I can think of no greater example than that of Nelson Mandela, though plainly Gandhi and others have also brought about important changes through perseverance.

The trick is staying alive long enough to witness the changes we are pressing for....

Best wishes

gunilla & Dave YES I agree,am a proud rebel with (many) cause,glad to read u two think we should be proud too !!
Smiles :)
Yes hope we will live long enough to be able to see some changes , that surely will come one day *smile*
But as Dave said; that's the trick...


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