Even as a little girl , I was interested in the issues that no one could give me an answers to* smile *
That interest has continued, even if the answers are not so many more now. But today I have a name for my interest, namely philosophy:) So far I have come.

I do not know if this is the right forum for these my thoughts.
Since the majority here has such a strong faith in God, that it does not leave much over for me in my philosophical discussions.
The big questions are already answered by God. In him is also the point of everything.
What is then left to speculate about ?

In any case, my old life reflections on these unanswered questions, I will ask here. I hope that someone is interested to ventilate them, although we have not key

Her comes the first ones *smile*

1.Can there be a meaning in life without believing in a God?

2.Is there any concepts that can be true to everyone? If the answer is no. Does that mean there is no absolute truth?


3.And what conclusion can we draw from that statement?

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When I speak of "doubt", I refer to the interpretation and application of the sacred texts of all religions. It is this application we can see and judge. and like the interpretation is is created by humans, why we have every right to question much of this.
It is not about the doubt, whether God exist or not but how humans present him to fulfill different purposes.
And interpretation of Holy Texts ,like the Bible for example , has nothing to do with divinity, but more about the time when it was done and the needs of this time.
Sigh..I just wrote a long reply but hit wrong button and lost it all..oh well..
I agree with what u wrote above gunilla..I wrote LOTS more that i just lost..but not feel like rewriting all of it right now,will return..another time,soon.
Smiles :)
I hate when such things happen especially for me who have to translate every word first :)


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