So very sad and terrible things is happening in our world and the words become so "bite- less" when we want to dress these things in our restricted vocabulary,that it feels a bit ridiculous to even try. .
Then you feel in your despair and hopelessness, that you would like to draw your sharp-edged "Sword"



But against whom or what shall you target it?




Mother Nature? Who has caused so many incredible natural disasters


Mr Fritzl? Who has come to symbolize the phenomenon of evil.


The "overweight" in-countries? Which are investing in themselves and build up their "biceps", while the developing countries' people are starving


The politicians? Who have made possible and still do, for injustices to become a natural part of our everyday life


All all forms of abuse? Which in its turn give birth to new ones


The resistance? Incompatible with all our attempts


Ignorance? That become our excuse, for not knowing better


Ourselves? As a part of the society we jointly created

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It is always from the elite and rich ones to the poor and needy ones and never to the politicians. When u direct it to the politicians, u will be a terrorist.
Yes but hopefully we can change the world through a more fair politics, don't you think. ?
If not which other ways are there in a democracy.

I once worked in the politics, find that I could not create such a great difference ,as I had thoughts ;) but as democracy is important to me I still think we have to go through them , that also means we have to elect people with the heart on the right place :) and with thoughts that benefit not only their own country. They have to think more global. Since we will all go on sharing this "little" earth.
It is not happening not only today but since down the history in the name of religion...we must stop...Just see the attached a Buddhist shrine was forcibly occupied by fanatic Brahmin groups and converted it into a Hindu temple...we must stop this...
yes ..I know Gopi against what, you direct your symbolic "weapon" (anger , frustration)

At least we must dare to talk about the religions involvement in violence. So maybe I shall revive our old discussion
" War and Violence in the name of God" But I feel that so many get embarrassed talking about these things . so I hesitate...
Dear Gopi,
Please let us know who came into existence first on the planet: Hindus or Bhudhists...!

The story of the local tribals related to Mallikarjuna is not less than 10, 000 years old...!
Where as the bhudhists came ito existence hardly 2500 years back...!!
If you go deep into the Historical facts you will be surprised to know how the Bhudhists
conquered whol;e of India by converting the HINDUS to Bhudhism thru forceful means
because they had the permission of Ashoka who had himself got converted to Bhudhism..

The History of kashmir Valley is full of illustrations how the Bhudhists converted the
followers of Shaiva philosophy to Bhudhism ....!!

Later shankeracharya only reminded the Hindus of their original richer culture and religion and they themselves returned to their original fold. It happened the same way all over India. If you have read the history of Shankeracharya , He died at the young age of 32 and he was not a warrior...

He was a saint ...! He bnever directed the people to cause anykind of destruction....! But the people realising that how they were made fools by the Bhudhists reconverted thair own temples that had been taken over by Bhudhists . Naturally the Bhudhists reacted angrily ..., and followed was a struggle all over India. for the return of Hinduism in a natural manner ...!@!
How interesting... I know so little about this, so I have much to learn.
Hope Gopi will find your comment since I look forwad to follow this your conversation*smile*

To All, it is tough on Me to have the Philosophy that John Lennon speaks about and the below Philosophy, to discuss Religion, so I will just put in My two cents worth or should I say two Philosophies worth and leave You to Your "Free Will" discussion ("Smile")

Dear Friend,
Let us not deceive our ownselves by the Mirages of wishful Imagination only to be shaken down to spine by the harsh ground realities of life that is so beloved to us , that is the once in a lifetime gift of God to the only living being called as Homo Sapiens...!!
To Al

Whatever we think and whatever we dream about, so we must be able to share this with the world.
But not everyone is privileged to. We so easily forget that it takes a democracy and free speech to able to speak up loud about our dreams.
We ought to use, the right which our ancestors have fought for, much better

We take too much for granted
Forgot to say:

We have two choices: to go with the flow and thereby be caressed on the back, of a sympathetic water or take the necessary struggles that are needed for lasting change. What may at times require that we have to swim against the current, which felt so nice to have, as a friendly massage, just in the back

From that, maybe the word "back up" comes :)

That's true, hard to be without. But everything has a price
@Inder Krishna Ambedkar...Indus Valley was Buddhist civilization...Hinduism brought by Aryans later...
The word "sword" is here just a metaphor for our frustration over the injustices and disasters we are witnessing in the world.
And if we do not get upset, sad etc, over for examples 20 million people i Pakistan, that has been affected of the flood. Something must have died inside us . The same goes for so much in our society and world.

Emotional reaction is a healthy sign...
But the problem is, as I wrote, in what direction, shall we address this our sorrow or anger?

That is the Question *smile*


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