So very sad and terrible things is happening in our world and the words become so "bite- less" when we want to dress these things in our restricted vocabulary,that it feels a bit ridiculous to even try. .
Then you feel in your despair and hopelessness, that you would like to draw your sharp-edged "Sword"



But against whom or what shall you target it?




Mother Nature? Who has caused so many incredible natural disasters


Mr Fritzl? Who has come to symbolize the phenomenon of evil.


The "overweight" in-countries? Which are investing in themselves and build up their "biceps", while the developing countries' people are starving


The politicians? Who have made possible and still do, for injustices to become a natural part of our everyday life


All all forms of abuse? Which in its turn give birth to new ones


The resistance? Incompatible with all our attempts


Ignorance? That become our excuse, for not knowing better


Ourselves? As a part of the society we jointly created

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Fight between haves and have nots

Against ignorance, but not the ignorant.

Against tyranny, but not the tyrants.

Against oppression, but not the oppressors.

Against injustice, but not the unjust.

Against bigotry, but not the bigots.

Against hate, but not the haters.

We cannot win against the evils of this world by fighting other humans. They are not the cause. Ignorance, tyranny, etc. are. We must enlighten the ignorant, prevent the tyranny of the tyrant, the oppression of the oppressor, restraint the actions of the hater and the bigot.

Our tongues and our pens and our keyboards are our swords. Our actions and our love are our daggers. Our awareness and our faith are our shields.


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