Peace is not just a Word

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Peace is not a word but an action

That doesn’t mean that we all have to fight on the barricades or that we all have to be involved in the Middle East conflict. Not at all

But first we have to sort out. which for a Swede is a confusing concept. Namely the word Peace. In English it means both;

1. Peace within (Swedish Frid)

2. Peace = absence of war (Swedish Fred)

(In Swedish it is just one vocal that differ those two. Very interesting , linguistically)

Here on iPeace it is most about peace within. But is that so wrong? No of course not since that peace is a big part of the source of Peace = absence of war.

These two concepts are very connected but it is a bit confusing with the same name. For two different things. no matter how associated they are psychologically.

Many misunderstandings comes from this confusion

When I say that Peace is not a word but an action I first of all think about Peace=absence of war. Peace within is a bit on the contrary. Here it is very much about words. To talk, to listen, to comfort, to support and to try to help with heeling in different ways. That can be done even on the Net. But even here you have to be active in your listening and in your caring

That is much what this network have been doing. That is great.

Peace = absence of war, you can not create in front of a computer, no matter how many blog-posts, groups or even whole networks you write about the Middle East conflict, Dalia Lama, Gandhi etc.
We say “Amen” to it all. That’s all that happens. We all think the same here. Who are you trying to convince

For this Peace, you have to be on the barricades , as politicians or as a peace workers on place, helping people. Changing attitudes is a really great instrument too , but no use in a forum where everyone thinks the same. Then you have to go out and meet people in the reality. Those whose lives have given them a totally different opinion, about right and wrong.
They are not here. It demands much actions to reach those

So what is there concretely to do with a peace network.?

First of all stop believing in your mantra; Love, Blessings and Peace. Those words have nowhere created peace and never will. Not peace within and not peace=absence of war . These words are just to make you feel good yourselves

But it is so much we can do. Keep an open attitude, so not only those who have found salvation,can come here and dare to stay. Listen to those who do not feel so good and do not use; Be happy, that‘s a slap in the face for those with an acing soul.

So “really” being here for each other make us in a way to peacemakers. Even if we all have to leave the computer to really contribute: We have to do something concrete in our society. Everyone, who has contributed to a happy childhood, for someone, for example, is a true peacemaker in my eyes

So Peace is not a word , but an action. That goes for both meanings of the word Peace.

So much more to say, but I’m looking forward to a discussion and I can say it there.
But that‘s the problem. There are no discussions nowhere on the net.
There are just Blessings, Wishes, Greetings and the outworn word Love.

How will we ever be capable to change anything?


Two days later.


It may seem as if I’m a pragmatic social worker, who sees life in just black or white , whiteout any more dimensions :)

Nothing is more wrong.

I believe in the power of thoughts

I‘m sure that we are all One. All twisted together in the web of universe

I believe that new discoveries are just rediscoveries of old wisdom

I believe we have a common collective unconscious, the roots of our beings

I believe their is a meaning behind it all

I believe in a cosmic intelligence ,where nothing was created by chance, where we all were meant to be and where we all had a purpose


But I also believe that I came to this earth to do something concrete with the life I was given. To make a different in someone’s reality, since after all it is here we live and work. No matter what my philosophical, new physics, mysticism and all the other interesting theories tells me.

I will develop these thoughts in another discussion…

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Comment by Rev. Joseph Verrett (EagleBear) on July 19, 2010 at 12:48am
I will always try to be peaceful when possible my friend...
but as you see we do need to understand All Things, All ways, All reasons, but we must be careful not to be the judge, we are not here to judge, we are here as you have DO, and I pray that we will all Do what we can, bless you and thanks for taking the time to read and understand the true meaning of my words...Joseph/ EagleBear
Comment by gunilla caisson on July 19, 2010 at 12:23am
What a lovely story *smile*

So much to learn from that.
Even if your friend punched this other guy he was a peacemaker in my eyes. Since the guy he punched, and for what followed after, made a change to the better within this other guy.
He must have started to reflect upon good and evil, and he saw that there was good in this world after all. That is the first step to change.
Your friend helped him to see that. That's great

Sometimes we maybe need a "punch" to open our eyes and realize what we are up too :)

Thanks for sharing that story. Gave me much to reflect upon *smile*
Comment by Rev. Joseph Verrett (EagleBear) on July 18, 2010 at 11:54pm
Well good day my friend...
HMMM, I think you have hit on something here...
Peace in my mind is along the lines of what you have shared, but I will add a twist...I feel that peace is an action that in some causes may even create war before true peace may be obtained...
I know that for many years I had a friend that would never confront a person that always picked on him...this person took his money, his books, his bike, etc., and my friend only walked away. One day my friend was at the food store, his dad gave him the last money they had, his day had lost his job and this money was the last of the savings they back to the store, my friend is walking up to the door of the food store, and who shows up, his pain, my friend makes eye contact and looks away, but its too late, he has been seen and here comes his nightmare...the boy tells my friend to give him all his money, my friend looks at him and reaches in his pocket, but then he stops and looks deep into this boys eyes, he thinks about what to say, how to get out of this, but we all knew that there is no way out, so as they were standing and looking at one another, my friend moved toward the boy, he said in a strong but low may not have this money today, it is not mine to give...the boy was caught off guard by this and backed up a couple of steps, tilted his head and then stepped back up to where he was and said in a loud voice, give it our friend knew that this is the time that good shall verse evil and all he had faith in was to be tested this my friend took one more step toward the boy and punched him in the nose, the boy fell to his knees and was friend bent down and with a soft voice of care, said let me help you, the boy with tears flowing down his face looked up and with a question in his eyes, nodded friend took his hand and helped him up and took him in the store to the restroom, he helped wipe the blood from his nose and face...the boy just looked at my friend with the same question in his eyes, but never said a word, when they moved back into the store, my friend ask the boy if he wanted to walk with him while he got the items for his dad, the boy just nodded yes, they both walked and my friend picked out all the items and they checked out, my friend placed the change in his pocket and asked the boy if he wanted to come and have dinner with them...the boy nodded once more yes, still to this point he has not said a word. When they arrive at my friends home, they both walk into the side door and into the kitchen, my friends mom is sitting at the table, dad is standing looking out the window, they both turn as the boys come in, and mom ask did you get everything? My friend answers yes mom.
Dad ask, who is your friend?
My friend answers this is the boy who always beats me up and takes my money ant stuff each week...MOM and DAD look surprised, as my friend continues, we came to a good understanding today...Dad ask, and what was the understanding may I ask?...My friend smilled and said yes dad, it was simple...all the other times he took my money, my he tried to take what was not mine to give and I could not allow this to happen, so I punched him in the nose and that was that and now we are here to eat dinner together and I hope to build a friendship...

So at times in our lives, we may not want to cause war or harm, but at times, some things can only be understood after you have gained there full attention...blessings to you my friend, and I hope to be able to share and help any that may need it and I hope to build friendships and trust as well with kindness, but I too shall never give up what I know is truth and my purpose for life.
Comment by gunilla caisson on July 18, 2010 at 11:43pm

Welcome Eagle Bear

To talk some sense into me :) or to give me a bit right in something I said. As you can see I'm looking a bit desperate for any kind of response *smile'
Comment by gunilla caisson on July 18, 2010 at 11:30pm

Welcome Ali

I don't know why I have a special admiration for those who join this group. I do not know if I had joined myself :)
I know i have stepped on some sore toes. But I also felt that I hade to say what , for so long, has been on my mind. It was my only way to go on participating here.
Means I have nothing to loose to be honest.

Now I' m looking forward to your opinions, to see and hear if I'm totally wrong.Maybe I have missed something. Please let me know *smile*
Comment by gunilla caisson on July 18, 2010 at 11:14pm

Welcome Brice

Long time since I saw you *smile*

Your joining this group means a lot to me since i felt when I added it, as if I had signed my own death sentence:)

Can we really say what we think? Can we share these less positive thoughts and still be accepted?
What is freedom all about?

Maybe we should start there ;)
Comment by gunilla caisson on July 18, 2010 at 11:00pm

Welcome Drew

We have never really discussed you and me. But just, your joining all my groups, make me think that we have something in common. Want to belive that...*smile*
Make me feel less alone...
Comment by gunilla caisson on July 18, 2010 at 10:46pm

Welcome Christofer

Courageous of you to join this group :)

I think this will be my last one here since there are things that we cannot speak loud about.and I cannot keep quite ;)

But I have been rather quite for so long. And I have to share my thoughts, to find out if I'm all alone or if I share them with someone.

If I'm totally alone I will take the consequences and realize the fact that this is not a forum for me, since nothing will ever change

But I.m glad you joined *smile*
Comment by gunilla caisson on July 18, 2010 at 10:35pm

Welcome Maria

I can see how you try to share your knowledge and experinces. That I think is one true way to something better. Since so much in our society is created out of ignorance...
We didn't knew better.. That we must change *smile*

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