Louis Landon's music video of "Camelot" a track from latest CD, Peace Revolution!

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Now I know who to ask for some piano audio tracks in my future arrangements on www.ableton.com when I add some musical productions to the universe in the future :) :)
Thank you Anders. I am always ready to add piano or synth to any musical production. I have been playing the piano for 52 years and I have been playing professionally for 42 years. I've learned a thing or two and I feel blessed to have the privilege to continue playing my music for people who can "get" what I am trying to do. And then again, how much am I doing? I believe it is God's work, whatever one's definition of God. My feeling at this stage of my life is "Thy Will Be Done." I actually have a song named that. If you want, and I don't show this to many people, here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcMB0Tso2Os
love and peace always and everywhere,
Absolutely beautiful.....what a gifted musician you are...your music makes me feel joy and hope
Strange, thought I responded to this, but I guess it didn't get added.

Thank you Elizabeth. I am glad that you feel joy and hope when you listen to my music. Writing and performing music gives me joy, hope, and peace and someone who is listening feels those things I have accomplished what I have set out to do and I am truly thankful. It is a miracle when I can get out of the way and allow for the music to appear. It is definitely a miraculous thing.
love and peace always and everywhere,
I in joy your Music always love piano
I like to get your CD
and thank you it is good to hear from you
Jim D
Thank you Jim. I'll send you a link.
love and peace always and everywhere,
Your music is able to touch anyone's soul! ....maybe through IPeace we should move people to support you to give concerts in areas where the war conflict makes life very difficult.....I live in Colombia, and some months ago when we had a concflict with Venezuela ( I don't know if you heard of it) all the famoous singers as Juanes, Miguel Bose, and others came to sing right in the border line between the two countrries, it was amazing!!! the people from both countries really felt like brothers, and we really are, but are our governors the ones to insist to break our brotherhood!!!...it's a matter of power though.... Louis, continue to give our hearts the wonder of giving sounds a powerfull meaning! Lucero
I hear you Lucero. We have a similar problem in the US. The government wants the war but about 80% of the people no longer support that war. I would love to come down to Columbia and play my peace music. It is very difficult and expensive to travel these days, unfortunately. But perhaps some day.
love and peace always and everywhere,
p.s. I am performing 4 concerts with 3 other pianists for peace in our nation's capital, Washington DC in November. I hope that the peace from our concerts goes out into the city and helps to create more interest in peace.
Hi Robby J. Glad you enjoyed the music.
love and peace always and everywhere,


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