I am considering offering 83 five minute Improvs for Peace to members of this group and to iPeace in general. I have posted Improvs for Peace #1, #2, and #3 as well as a few others. If you like what you hear, and would be interested in this music, let me know and I will begin making Improvs available on my MySpace page for FREE download if you have a MySpace page. I will go through the series one time so that anyone who is interested has the potential of downloading over 400 minutes of my solo piano peace music. All I ask in return is that you share the music freely and rename the mp3s that you download, Improvs for Peace - Louis Landon.
love and peace always and everywhere,

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An excellent idea and a very generous move on your part
Beautiful music Louis! And it is so very, peaceful...Lovely and I agree so very generous of you to share your talent with us all...Thank you...Schauntu
I forgot to say that I would LOVE to have this music playing on My Space page..It just so relaxing! Thanks again...Schauntu
Hi Schauntu and Elizabeth,
Thank you for your appreciation and interest. I will get to this eventually. I have been very busy working on a new CD and will be leaving on a short tour this coming Sunday. But I hope to get to this soon. In the mean time, feel free to upload any of the music to your page if you wish.
love and peace always and everywhere,
Very good. Right now I am sitting at Newark airport waiting for a plane that will ultimately get me to Portland, hopefully in time for my 4:30 concert. But I will get to uploading the Improvs.
love and peace always and everywhere,
For a free download of my latest Improv for Peace, go to http://tinyurl.com/5b99ro.
love and peace,
Aloha, Louis, and THANK YOU!!! I surfed over to download your songs a while back, but could only add them to my profile page on MySpace. My biggest challenge is figuring out how to get the music player to display there -- any advice? I would really like to share your compositions on my page here and other Networks as well. I just invited Jason Mraz and Pat Monahan to join us for the global launch of the CanDo! Creative Arts CO-OP. It would be a thrill to have all of you harmonizing on our outdoor stage, soaking up the sunshine and sharing in our family-friendly gathering for the debut of the Purple Thistle Potluck Theatre. Dream BIG, Manifest PEACE! Much love & harmony, Penne & the CanDo! Crew
Finally! Okay, here is the link for your free download of Improv for Peace #87
Enjoy the music. You can make copies of this Improv and give them to whoever you like. All I ask is that you rename (if neccesary) the file Improv for Peace 87 - Louis Landon

love and peace always and everywhere,
Hey, Louis! Thanks so much for your generous musical offerings and your leadership within this group! I am a brand-new member and I, too, would like to make some of my original recordings available for members to listen to and upload/download/etc. Can you offer me guidance on the best way to proceed with this endeavor? Thanks much! Peace, blessings & brilliance, Janis


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