(I posted this in another discussion under "comments", but thought it might be appropriate here)

Iraq Forecast Recalled

Tonight recalls the saddest day
The day before this -

Blood filled clouds disguised
as just a mountain sunny -

Maddened by a future posed
A storm of grief, the morn -

One hundred winding miles I drove
To look deep her tender Buddhist -

“If a thousand set ourselves
on fire”, I said, “they will not even -

“ I know,” she said, broken, open
our hearts, our gaze, for eternity contained
agony of children screams, Oceans of the Future-

Chenae /10/28/07

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Chenea...yes yes yes very appropriate here. Welcome to our group and thank you for sharing your wonderful words. There is always a choice to make beforehand...and our blind world leaders always take the wrong one that leads to the "A storm of grief, the morn -Forecast"


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